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how to do guest, I believe that many of my friends my obsession. After all, compared to other Wangzhuan form, Amoy really worry, very convenient. But in the policy platform is more strict, the user acquisition costs more and more high under the condition of Amoy is indeed more difficult to do. Of course, more solutions than problems, to master certain methods and techniques, or guest you will be in my hands of the meat and potatoes.

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now has a big change in the access threshold and cost of user resources. Before doing a single page on sh419 can have a monthly income of over a million times already gone, now the Amoy to sustainable development, for the realization of the hands of the user resources reasonably and fully is the core of the core. How to aim at the realization of user resources, can adopt the means there are many, the output value of the content, such as shopping, share discount push, the form can refer to mogujie, dress and a variety of network spread in the ball on the discount group. According to the user’s cash, can be said to be the main mode of the Amoy profit advantage obviously, is the realization of speed and maneuverability, the two can develop user consumption habits, especially in dress, simply say the former page design, indeed there is a big problem, but in terms of content, a content model, since the media the initial dressing up until today, users repeat purchase rate is quite high. And this is worth learning for the new and old Amoy, users should not only have the content of binding, but also repeat the "consumption", so as to reduce the guest operation in the process of instability.

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pays attention to the realizable ability of precipitation resources, such as commodity resources, time resources and so on.

note: the sale area sale channel website Rui fingering zone "goods

Tao want to live longer, more profitable, and fully mobilize all resources essential hand. In addition to the first point of user resources, we should also have a new understanding of other resources. For example, commodity resources, Amoy do for a long time, the hands will precipitate some mature marketing channels, the use of these hardware information gradually do its own brand, and the virtual into the real is nowadays a trend. For example, some friends will use store stations do guest, its essence is to open new stores, more than the official website selling low, earn commissions difference, the rebate network with different approaches but equally satisfactory results. But along with the policy to the risk, this mode of operation is also more and more, so many stores do not altogether promotion, to discuss the contract with the seller to buy goods, the corresponding products with lower prices, and sales channels for the promotion of the use of the hands. In addition, there are some friends to drill the loopholes of time. This how to say, more classic mode of operation, that is, before the list of promotion and group. The first is to collect guest commodity information by using the collector, and directly to the public to promote, because the list comes property is convenient, thus promotion effect is quite good. The second is the group promotion or WeChat group promotion, is the core of the main access to the latest information on commodities, "

is fully aware of the importance of existing users and promotes repeat transaction rates.

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