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other defendants in accordance with specific circumstances, respectively, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, suspension or immunity from criminal penalties, and impose a corresponding amount of fines and so on.


‘s startup, his entrepreneurial experience was made into a film. When he helped a small party, he said the reality was better than the script. "If I had to start all over again, I would have done better than I have now, because I had too many lessons and experiences."."

24 years after

hung Tai Foundation’s founding partner Yu Minhong speech live

of the original "home shopping company chairman should be guilty of organizing and leading the crime, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan; guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to 7 years imprisonment; two crimes, decided to implement 15 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan.

former company vice president Yang Jiangfeng committed the organization, leading the crime pyramid schemes, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and fined 500 thousand yuan.

two is a fearless young man who is grateful to Hong tai. From the start of a man, there have been people coming in and more and more elites coming in. Because of you, project investment, management and service have become more and more in place. So, thank you very much.

participants are required to purchase goods, membership development, development of the franchisee, and according to the membership qualifications and conditions, divided into ordinary members, management members, VIP gold agents, gold agents, regional agents, the company level. According to the time sequence of the registered with the formation of the level relations and the implementation of the "six generation payment" and "regional payment".

it is understood that "ten thousand shopping" located in Zhejiang million Agel Ecommerce Ltd should be built, Yang Jiangfeng, Shao Kang, Hu Wei 4 people formed in May 2010. Around December, the new Ye Feilin, Xi Aimin, Xiao Zhong, Wang Ping, Le Huiling, Fang Guoxian, Zhu Xiaoxia, Yu Cuizhen 8 shareholders.

just now the moderator said he missed the new shares before the listing of new oriental. I think, no matter how much money he had lost is not a pity, because he walked out of that door from the New Oriental, as I began to go out from the north gate, like Thailand brother and I decided to do Hong Thai fund, life produces the true value in rushing between.

since July 2010, "billion company" to "million shopping" rebate site and the "business alliance" franchise network as a platform, a full 500 back to 500 and under the guise of "one yuan rebate", "consumer money = = free" super high rebate soliciting consumer.

involved in the amount of about 24000000000 yuan of Jinhua "10000 shopping" network MLM case, much national attention. Yesterday, the people’s Court of Wucheng District of Jinhua made the first instance verdict.

comes from the day he spoke to more than 100 CEO:

a man moves, and a tree dies. Entrepreneurship combines the two. It is a dynamic process and a process rooted in the soil we seek. Today we are all CEO, no matter your company is big or small, have experienced the company from 0 to 1, from 1 to infinity, there may be nothing. In the process, I am similar to the ups and downs experienced by everyone.


verified by the public security organs, "billion company" by the operating mode of development in the country a total of about 1900000 members, including about 1100000 ordinary members, VIP members more than 750 thousand, more than 5000 gold agents, more than 6000 gold agents, regional agents more than 2000; development business alliance of more than 10 million businesses.

case review,

million shopping platform operations should be reimbursed

on March 27th, at 6 in the evening, the last link of the vernal equinox rally, as usual, was the concluding speech of Yu Minhong. From 9:30 in the morning, he had been listening to the radio for a day.

people’s thinking, poor thinking and thinking of the rich, CEO must have rich thinking. The thinking of the rich is to see everything as an opportunity. Negative thinking, even if I met a pretty girl chasing me, I was worried if she would take my money.

day, a total of 126 founders of the start-up company to attend. Facing them, Yu Minhong made his first speech after exchanging greetings. The second sentence was: "I feel the same way as you do.".


June 11, 2012, Jinhua police for "billion company" and under the "million shopping sites suspected of organizing and leading MLM activities in the case to carry out unified action to close the net, arrested should be built and several other major criminal suspects.

Shao Kangfan, chief financial officer of the former company, organized and led the crime of pyramid selling activities, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, and fined 450 thousand yuan.

speaker, Jason Jiang and his contemporaries have such entrepreneurs, like Wang Xiaochuan in entrepreneurs, the more it is the young CEO who started the last two years.

defendant Ye Feilin committed the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities, sentenced to 5 years and 10 months, and fined 400 thousand yuan.

today is the CEO conference, and I’d like to say something about myself as CEO. This is 2006> speaking.

so here are two thanks: one is to thank all of our CEO. When you are looking for funds, be your first choice. I believe that this is not just because of my brother and two personal reputation, more is because the Hong Thai team to show more and more professional force.

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