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GFW’s first law: foreign websites that are "UGC content" User-generated can be harmonized.

from the path of view, China’s plagiarism can be divided into at least: large companies to copy Silicon Valley big companies, start-up companies copied Silicon Valley start-ups, big companies copy small companies, small companies copy each other……

but these have China Cidaoxianhong the entrepreneurs more than they understand Chinese market. Silicon Valley bigwigs fear little attention to the plight of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs. We take a look at those across these entrepreneurs need to face the past Kaner what. The issues mentioned in this article may not be unfamiliar to Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, but they are indeed some arabian nights for Silicon Valley readers.

        Shen Xiangyang; Microsoft; global vice president; chief scientist of search and advertising;

technology to product conversion in the end what is the relationship? It actually has only two practices, one is "pull" relationship; one is "push" relationship, or two kinds of both.

GFW brings obstacles,

"pull" relationship is, first look at this technology, do you have? If you have, we will; if not, we go to buy, it is too late to do.

, in Silicon Valley’s investors and analysts, China may be the first big market for billions of people. Each cell phone user installs one of their App, and it definitely hits a massive user base; everyone clicks on an ad and they make a profit; every company buys a device and they can IPO it.

GFW second law: as long as it is >

I have always felt that the country should come up with funds to do innovation, universities should also do innovation, in order to reserve for the whole society, perhaps some student with a certain technology to do it.

below is Shen’s dictation:

perhaps it’s no longer important to swing between plagiarism and innovation, and it’s important that you create value for your users. It’s a question whether there’s any need for Chinese users to be shielded from GFW.

in fact, large companies do a certain degree, but also have a certain responsibility to society – they should be innovative. The Microsoft Research Institute, IBM and AT&, T’s Research Institute may not help the company, but it will help the community as a whole.

, a successful big company like Microsoft, in fact, is afraid not to know where the next new technology will appear. So he did a bunch of techniques. shlf1314 sounds sexy today and has made driverless cars and glasses. But what do you mean by that? I don’t know. Innovation is a random thing.

technology and product transformation?

this is a country that lacks any protection for innovation.

there is a theory that technology is only two years old, but I don’t agree with it. Far from the gap of two years, but as long as you have enough time, you can go up slowly.

as long as the business model is clear, you’re at the top. No one starts to do it, but you do it. It’s okay to have a poor technology. It can be improved later.

The transformation of What is the relationship between

technology into products is a big problem. I’ve been working on technology for years and have done some product and management over the past few years. I think technology is a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition, to succeed in business.

searches for "China Copycat" in shlf1314, with all kinds of critical information coming into view, and some even raised the issue to the cultural level. Interestingly, "copy" notoriety seems to be dominated by entrepreneurs to bear, big companies may not care too much. You can despise them morally, but the ultimate winners are still them. Dancing with shackles of entrepreneurs even the survival problem, accusing them of "plagiarism" meaning is really small, just in pain.

conversion from technology to products, most of the technical staff can not afford. The engineer of the research institute can

copied or innovation

, the biggest headache for Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, is the plagiarism by China’s big Internet Co. In fact, what is "innovation" has no concern, and any real effective protection is hard to find traces of the entrepreneurial environment, even if you have a little innovation, a larger competitor can also grab your results in a flash. Some people may say, why not use legal weapons to protect themselves? You will find that the court have to beat each other — was criticized as "a few large Internet Co, already copied nature" to make no reply to the application for your patent, occupation interests of entrepreneurs face can only be at a loss what to do.

technology in business success, there are three things to think about. If you want to start your business, think first: what is the business model, user experience, technology reserves?. These three things form a Pyramid.

March 25th, Microsoft’s senior vice president and chief scientist Shen Xiangyang, search advertising hit things interview, he released the topic to product conversion technology view. He believes that large companies need to ensure that the country does not fall, the need for a full set of technical reserve system.

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