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Wang Anshi once told a story of "hurt Zhong Yong", and I have also encountered such a thing. The Lord judges a year I worked as a dark horse contest, against all the odds award to a graduate student face recognition products. This thing is very early, so at that time VC gave him some suggestions, and to have the strength of the Internet Co cooperation, so that products and users in the interactive process to be polished, verified and refined. But unfortunately, after he won the grand prize, he became more educated and had a different attitude. A year later, although not obliterate all men, but I did not see this team has no business progress.

first, a good product is not a flash of light, overnight, we must constantly grasp the needs of users, constantly keep pace with the times, small step, continue to polish. So you have to have toughness, and know how to grasp the user’s needs,

entrepreneurship, like the game of leveling, Daguai the same, there are many choices, many challenges, every step up, you have to have a self promotion. Many companies are dying on this upgrade. So before you get into the game, you’ll need to find a practice ground where you can get nourishment from some successful companies and successful entrepreneurs.

I always thought the Internet belonged to the young people. Today, we are 70 after the "Altman", and today’s college students from birth to contact the Internet, represents the mainstream users and future trends. Have the mind emerge in an endless stream of whimsy. You have an incomparable advantage, but I don’t agree that when you graduate, you should start your own company. You should go to a big company to study and accumulate experience.

second, with good products, but also good operation. I never think that the emperor’s daughter needs to marry, and the wine is not afraid of the alley. You have to find ways to promote the product, so there are only products and technology is not enough to understand the market.

went to school that year

third, you start business, as long as the brother a few, in the dormitory to engage in a few computers, you can work. But as your career continues to grow, you need to finance. How do you deal with VC, financial predators, finance? You have to be familiar with capital operations.

assassin " money online Canon " a paragraph I see a paragraph, each at will, after reading a great inspiration, also has no time, artificial ringtones, SMS strike time some time ago, also began to explore the ringtone, mainly sh419 bidding write some ideas, do not see, did not want to do may give you some help, not detours! Mainly on several points:
: first opened the sh419 bid, the choice of keywords, search the largest amount of keywords is not the best ringtone registered keyword this, you must use some key words which are chosen, not intelligent matching and theme promotion service, the two is the most no effect, more words do not necessarily registered amount is not good!

their failure is that technology can be gifted, but something needs experience and needs to be accumulated. These are the students we have just gone out of the ivory tower lack, but it is necessary to create a successful enterprise.

fourth, you successfully got 10 million, how to spend this money, three people when the work in full swing, but the company to 200 people, almost no work. Management is another big challenge for you.

did not learn these, you go directly to the business, is exhausted. I am a very love person, can not bear to see the "injury Zhong Yong" situation repeats itself.

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