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also do not often change, so the search engine will be boring.


only needs to do simple optimizations, and the search engine can bring you a lot of traffic every day without having to do more. Therefore, if you want to make money Taobao customers, you need to know how to optimize.

if you want to do optimization, the first thing to do is to increase the site of the company. Only a rich site of the company can guarantee that the site has been fully included. If for some special cases, the site does not have a word even so much, such as your site is flash, even outside of the search engine is not detected, so as to do a site map, to increase website even. Of course, I am not very recommend you use flash website, it is not conducive to optimization, although very beautiful.

, the more important thing is the connection. A certain number of external links can be optimized to a certain extent. Another point is that we should pay attention to the quality of the company, the quality of the external even more, not as good as a quality of the company. And don’t do the dark even, this is a search engine which is not allowed, do not listen to those people who talk nonsense.

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well, I’ve done so much. Generally, after a few months, it will work. Don’t say "Taobao", you can make money at any station, you will win. Write so much for the time being and go on with it tomorrow. 58task, remember my stop, click on advertising to make money on the site.

Outside of the

the introduction:

many friends are trying to use Taobao to make money, but there are few people who can really make money, because they don’t know how to use the most convenient tools to optimize.

actually wants to do is the code of the website. Site code to be concise, in addition to pay attention to keyword density. For example, if you want to click on advertising to make money, then pay attention to his density. Can not be no density, but not too high density, the current argument is 3%-8% or so, but also to control their own specific, this data is not fixed, control is not good, it is estimated that K will be.

content originality is also very important, many friends think a lot of copies of other site content, and then released substantial, will be able to develop. In fact, otherwise, this will only increase his weight, no good for you, but also let you finish, was abandoned by search engines. You may think that big door can do, indeed, who let people wrist, they are old, they copy your content, they are original, you are copied, Ya is such a rogue, no way.


        the group purchase Jinhua keyword tool, mainly in order to facilitate users more accurate search keywords to find the most suitable, such as the degree of competition, sh419 search volume, high conversion words, or sh419 index is not high, but the conversion rate is very high, the SEO keyword optimization is not difficult, and so on.
        SEO as a tool, the most attention is the keyword analysis and mining, the long tail keywords extraction, phase

A5 forum is hot review this phase of the group, immediately participate in interactive: http://s.bbs.admin5/thread-2585780-1-1.html

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