Capital market winter then the spring of capital is not far awayFailure to start a business fails

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· overestimates the amount of time money can use

of course, if you open a small shop, maybe not, but "small money, small things, big money, big things" is a natural practice for everyone.

in the current tide of entrepreneurship, should understand that it is not just the accumulation of entrepreneurial projects from scratch, 90 entrepreneurs are probably more than half because of interest and hobby business, their home may not bad money; and as Haier and other large enterprises are encouraged to intrapreneurship, even magazines from the "entrepreneurs" under the banner of the black horse I asked the community project is also the internal two venture. Relatively speaking, young entrepreneurs is probably through personal preferences, there is not much utilitarian sense, in the enterprise business is part of the internal operation of enterprises and enterprise itself from the level of capital operation. The two kind of entrepreneurship is the current mainstream of the field of entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurial projects and investment in the current view, may be the influx of hot money to bubble early signs, no symptoms of winter flatly, the project is still constantly emerging, and even the angel capital A round B round has been put into.

actually I was a successful entrepreneur, any business, no matter how big his cards, also come from entrepreneurs, so I don’t want you to understand what I am in the narrow advocate, I just described a logical truth.

on Friday asked the black community in the I horse global roadshow center held the first black Q salon activities under the line, no preheating. At the close of more than 50 entrepreneurial small partners, ranging from 95 to 60, they bring the project both O2O, but also APP, the more great brother pay attention to the transformation of the Internet project, and guests exchanges link questions are mostly start-up problems, 3 hours of Sharon, entrepreneurs continue until the end, and entrepreneurs around the teachers ask a stop. This situation also occurred in the garage coffee coffee and 3W, almost every time to have various activities in these two places, I told Zichao one day in the garage till 12, people still talk about entrepreneurial projects, in the garage coffee night package and not false rumors.

‘s capital market bubble

many projects have cash flow early, because the founder may have some savings, but with the progress of the project, the money will not be enough.


, the "big" and "debt owed", contains several layers of reasons:

since the vast majority of people have failed, then from the loser to find a few actually get away from profits, this thing itself is from the probability of small.

so if you are only 100 thousand, you will do 100 thousand of the project, if you have 10 million, you see that chipping away the final money burn speed is almost. >

This point of

can also be understood as an underestimation of the payback period of a project.

, whether it’s borrowing from a family, borrowing a relative, borrowing a friend, or borrowing a bank, starts with a debt of > assets are a normal thing because profits are always lagging behind.

Although there are a lot of

is the founder of debit card business, but some are not short of money, such as a 10 million start-up capital, in principle, the final project fail owe a debt ass.

if there is no venture market

wrote this article, I am tangled, because a lot of people will mistakenly think I preach, so that we do not start.

Beijing over the past few days, the sun is shining, but already late autumn winter near, have been able to feel the chill of early winter, and for the people removed from the capital market, not just chill. A month ago, an article by Zhang Ying for the whole Chinese Jingwei venture capital industry surging unrest, a month later, Zhang began to talk about the capital market in the winter, the foam added winter speech, investment circle seems to be less busy.

is only a few articles can be a change in the entire investment market environment? Obviously this is very questionable, in the almost universal pioneering era of mobile APP, double time, roadside stalls all about the O2O era, the traditional enterprises want to crush the head of the Internet era, the emergence of the bubble is to say likely, the emergence of a large number of venture investment to the impetuous people lost, easy disintegration of excessive capital into the big project. But if the winter of the capital market has arrived, it does not seem to be that point, the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and investment managers are running around, enough to show that this circle of high activity.

· as said above, the losers are the vast majority.

· borrowing money was the norm in the early days of entrepreneurship.

, the business failed, and why did the Mets have a bad debt,

, look at the atmosphere of a pioneering street,

founder may have deep feelings to the project, resulting in some projects do not let the dead damn, may also be refused to concede defeat, just go, the savings emptied after more money.

entrepreneurs are many, successful little, this everyone knows, for example, the success rate of university students only 5%, even if only statistics, those who own resources will only be slightly higher.

Abstract: entrepreneurship is a game that is slower than who dies. If you make everyone in the process earn money, no matter whether you end up bankrupt or bought, you are successful.

A reverse interpretation of


· empty the savings for the project to die.

1 Why do you owe

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