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can’t play that high, either. When I have a train of thought, I will go ahead and do it. Even if I don’t sleep or eat today, I will finish the task today. Remember to earn eight hundred dollars for the first time, it was an ad. At that time, I was doing a game website,


is very hot legend, ha ha, I remember very clearly. Shanda Sina server, played 37 fighters. Well, at that time, this equipment was rarely taken in our service, and I spent RMB2500

was very interested in making money, because the account lost, I think I lost a lot of money, I will come to you, and I think the time is wasted has no meaning in the game, playing online games is not making money on the internet. Time tries no man,


IDname: nacori











with three of the stationmaster Congress have invited me, and made great achievements. Slowly introduce to you later. If you want to start business on the Internet, then invincible in this station will talk about the idea of making money, absolutely helpful to you. Hope you stick to



data correction




I finally know the secret behind the Internet, the original site can make money by advertising, you can also sell products, you can also sell services. I studied countless ways to make money, I was a very strong executive, hehe, or


indulged in the game, and the. When I played enough of these two games, I started learning to play CS again. CS finally had enough, this is just the single game. I also played online games, played a online game



violation list:

bought one, and this one is pretty NB already. Finally playing with, lost the account. Sorry, it was no secret. Oh, but it’s also changed my destiny this time. At that time, I would like to play, or the internet.







at that time


, a game business where I advertise, and actively manage me to bank account, directly hit the money in my account, was very excited. So easy to earn eight hundred, and at that time, unlike now there are many advertising Union, you do not have to go to the merchant



certainly hides a lot of business opportunities that people don’t know, and I started researching the Internet to make money. But I don’t know how to make money online. I analyze the profit patterns of other websites every day. I go to research and study every day,

current payment list:



has been on the Internet for years. Remember in 2001, when you just learned to surf the internet. Play Three Kingdoms every day, and star wars. I think it’s the same as you in Internet brothers. All day long,


put advertising code on your station, you can go to the background every day to check the money on the OK. At that time all businessmen gave money, not a few advertising alliances, there are also foreign. In this way, step by step to today, I have small and medium reputation in the Internet,







data cleared





down, Ma Ma said a word, "today is very cruel, tomorrow will be more."

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