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is not the small Tencent and I * * * copycat plagiarism name, by virtue of its rolling strong user base of the internet almost all profitable areas. As early as two years, a topic about entrepreneurship, more than ten sentences, will inevitably ask "if Tencent do you this product, how do you do", is simply smell Tencent discoloration. Later, many employees of the Tencent and dealing with, to understand its fierce internal competition and strong execution, and in fact not all will do a lot of plagiarism — internal burn attempt, the incubator project, but most of them are not available. This makes small Bian slightly changed for Tencent. However, the push to live video business – the choice of business direction is not creative, promotion is thick this window

@ ***YuKHan users: "my dear sister, you ‘going to KTV’ off…… Listen to their singing, want to shit heart have, let me go."


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is about 9158 at YY, with the muffled grass root financial Tencent envious, also enter the real video field, one is called "to k song" project will be on the line at the end of August in fact, has been on the line, Xiao Bian just into the experience, very lively. And officials sent out news of the recruitment of the anchor. This is the product of singing, or what products, Xiaobian can not conclude, but first opened the page, that thick Dongguan night weather, or can not help blowing. Words alone are no proof. this screenshot, you feel.

on both sides of the marketing resources

in micro-blog search "to k song" a lot of people, this product met earlier, there are also some netizens as amazing as Tracy: some people sing well, but some other people…… Where come such shameless confidence? For these "Teana", the same room users in order to wait for their opportunity to stand up and show patience is also very alarming.

in recent years, the next line of talent show is not a fire, good voice is the strongest voice, the strongest sound, followed by the sound of dreams, happy boys, Super Girls, XX sound…… Together with the growth of online voice, video products. APP of singing class emerge one after another, and very hot. The mobile Internet bubble blew for years, thought to give small teams the opportunity to go ahead, the tide receded, only to find the birth of the APP, the real little team built little left, sing it is one of them. A few days ago saw a friend in micro-blog Tucao: in China, the stall, stickers, small ads, nightclubs, moving the Internet have become giants respectively, alluding to several giants, careless. In the mobile Internet era, so that the entrepreneurial team and giants at the same level of competition, but also these industries. Indeed, these "cock wire" areas have money to earn. You can hardly imagine how powerful the user’s demand for this type of product is.

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