The convenience store O2O really is a dead end Dare to try all the chips shopReflect on the site but

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1, in the address of the shop where the recruitment of investors, recruitment of 200 people, 3000 yuan per person. Specific data can be adjusted according to cost, need to protect the passenger flow of patronage inn.

2, investors shopping with app payment, in order to statistics the investor shopping situation, with the investor invitation code registration and shopping customers, also calculate the amount of money the buyer purchases.

the idea of raising all the convenience stores is as follows:

all chips convenience store

9, development investors backstage a>

stupid Wangzhuan network through the analysis, summarizes the four main reasons why the website does not make money, including don’t know how to use the site to make money, profit model is mixed but not only, do not know how to do network marketing, blindly follow easily the letter people etc..

how to break through this road, the author puts forward a new idea: "to raise the public convenience store", with the help of APP to realize to raise public convenience stores set up, operation and sharing, greatly enhance the convenience store sales, enhance convenience store competitiveness, reduce the difficulty of location. Maybe just a convenience store to raise public lack of innovation, but the author puts forward it and before several programs see the related article together, may produce a chemical reaction, to achieve disruptive change.

to raise the public convenience store is the idea of recruiting community residents a convenience store owner, enjoy the convenience store profit and value, so as to attract all the chips as far as possible through convenience store shopping, improve store sales, to achieve a more substantial profit.

7 stores, is jointly owned by the investor, and the headquarters is joined, commissioned by the headquarters management and delivery, if not satisfied with the management of headquarters, funded by APP vote for signs of self, or sell the store returns.

for how the Internet combines convenience store innovation, many companies tried, and now basically no universally recognized success stories.

in addition to these reasons, it should be said that attitude is also very important. Speculative mentality has let the webmaster lost too much. Only a short while ago, do a website or sit in front of the computer is on hundreds of websites, only a short while ago do casually is tens of thousands of thousands of IP January income N years ago although I did not want you in which time into this seemingly everywhere gold industry, but already there are too many owners have been looking for not to their landing sites, many webmaster always follow, what prospects, well done, good money to do what. Often a few days of frenzied promotion of the film, tomorrow will be crazy to promote friends. This may lead to a temporary gain, but a successful network takes time and loyal users to accumulate. In these days, but also is to make a part of the webmaster accumulated a certain wealth, such as today’s webmaster nets, admin5 diagram king, etc.. Webmasters need a good attitude. No matter what the industry, money is not earned, as in the streets of the hotel, every day there are new hotels opened, every day there will be the same hotel closed. Webmaster is the same, some webmaster every day and very relaxed, but earn very moist, some webmaster fortunately to midnight, but earn only their own living expenses. Now the Internet site in this industry, due to the prevalence of CMS these years, has greatly reduced the owners of this industry

6 can book fresh fruit through stores or app, which is part of the sales and profits of the entry shop and share.

as a webmaster, at least 2 websites? Know little point SEO money and promotion, each station 500IP not? Add up to 1000IP, shlf1314 and other 1000IP hang what alliance, I think 5 dollars a day is not a problem? It also has 150 yuan a month. Why is it zero income or even negative income? If you are a full-time webmaster, you can’t only have 2 websites, and it’s impossible for each website to have only 500IP. That is to say, your monthly income can not be less than 300 per month. Why am I so sure? Because I tried it myself. I made a picture stand, began a month about IP100, 2 months IP to 500, 3 months after IP to 800, after I was in charge of the IP, after half a year to reach 1500, just hang a few alliance, there are hundreds of dollars a month income. If it can be updated for a long time, the income will be more and more. Now the work is so hard to find, money is so difficult to earn, this income is not too difficult.

4, if the store loss, loss of 20%, the headquarters bear, 60% by investors equally, 20%, according to shopping counter proportion.

8, logic is to attract investors shopping demand, 200 investors in this store shopping, basically able to feed the stores. Therefore, investors can not be too small, the store priority in supermarkets, because no worries about the market, and more powerful than other competitors. Site selection is easier, developing faster and requiring less capital.

3, if the profitability of stores, a net profit of 50% to 30%. The investor, according to investor shopping proportion to the investor, the 20% is the headquarters of profit.


once in A5 webmaster BBS see a webmaster to make money investigation. The result shows, most individual stationmaster does not earn money, the income that make a website is zero or even negative number. This can not help the new owners of this industry, industry doubts. I want to ask the webmaster who doesn’t earn money. Why didn’t you make money?

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5, a line on the online supermarket, investors buy supermarket goods online through APP, concentrated to the store after the customer delivery, convenience stores to meet the demand for convenience shopping, online supermarket to meet the family shopping on demand, online supermarket shopping on investor purchases.

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