Lei Jun Angels like to buy lottery tickets in most cases are lostEntrepreneurship is the best way to

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this originally achievement little girl, once inadvertently discovered through space to sell a personalized product for peers, earned tens of thousands of blocks, decided not to study, do business after 95 electricity supplier.

A bit like Liuhe

let people feel that the world is in the hands of these young and ignorant child.

"angel investment rules of the game, you bet on 1 million, 2 million, has the chance to earn 10 million, but most of all. The core is like friends out of the country, support your business, most of them can not be, but if it is, the result is far beyond imagination." Lei Jun said that his investment in 2007, UCweb earned thousands of times.

‘s official website doesn’t work.

, and business models are… You can’t guess it.

on the program: I let you earn enough money after 95, so she took 15 million financing

this mature business people seriously feel ridiculous model, actually ran up, but also tens of millions of funds.

even CEO Wang Kaixin was also deleted.

moves into the deluxe Office

technology news Wang Pan millet company founder, chairman and CEO Lei yesterday in Tianjin Davos forum China speech said that the current business environment will become better, at present in China entrepreneurship is the most difficult of angel investment. But the real way out of business can only rely on angel investment, rather than bank loans.

a year ago, the magic department or chunfengmanmian, a 17 year old school girl, get 15 million of the financing.

she could have continued to do her little deals, but with the intervention of capital, everything has changed.

now, sh419.

made a little money selling things in space,

Lei Jun said that the probability of success of angel investment, about 30 projects invested successfully one or two. He also pointed out that angel investment, even if ten thousand projects are dead, is not important, but care about how you finally earned a few.

what a topic, a story.

Abstract: most of us are not geniuses. We should not be fooled by the legends of successful people. They are mainly packaged and not packaged. They are geniuses. If you are a genius, you have already succeeded, not by watching others succeed.

2016 on the program to become an entrepreneur star


through Taobao purchase into its own electronic business platform, instead sell to their users.

Lei Jun: I think now in China, the entrepreneurial environment has undergone enormous changes, not because the two leaders are flattering me. Change in what place? I think a series of policies, especially the new incubator, including the environment of public opinion guidance, I think more and more people in Chinese entrepreneurship, innovation of enterprise more and more, including the popularity of mobile Internet so that we also become more entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, there are a lot of people do poineering work directly in China, global business, the company also emerge in an endless stream I feel with our business, 15 years ago, 25 years ago, good business conditions do not know how much, of course, still a lot of difficulties.

is empty.


apart from this, there is no advantage.


can say that the company has vanished into the world.

dropping out of business,

encyclopedia doesn’t exist.

normal people’s thinking knows that a mature business model is bound to have its own advantages and barriers, that is, how to attack and defend. But in the 17 year old girl’s business model, there is no possibility of defense.


in my opinion, she was successful in the early stage, just because the crowd after 95, business information blocked, not applicable to Taobao caused by, otherwise, who would choose a more expensive goods?. This part of the difference, earned by this platform, is of added charm to its age.

Lei Jun: I do a lot of investment company, in 2007 after the Kingsoft listed me to rest for a few years, mainly to do angel investment, I saw in the China entrepreneurship is the most difficult of angel investment, you want to start, who will be the first to give you 1 million yuan, 2 million yuan, I told a lot of leadership and communication, they say the bank I think the loans, bank loans is certainly not the way. I think the real way out is angel investment, which already has a mature solution, and then we practice doing angel investment, while advocating angel investment, which still has a great extent in the past ten years. Angel investment >

Li Daokui: you’ve also been investing in very early budding ventures. Can you share one or two examples without marketing too much,

below is Lei Jun’s speech memoir:

these days, but the business circle is "magic fire department" down the altar event.

came to see a series of events.

, for example, with the United States, such as Silicon Valley entrepreneurial environment than this, and now a lot of money, mainly in the PE link. Investment in science and technology enterprises, an enterprise to do down on average, ten years, fifteen years, and fast also have six or seven years, do PE simple, so money is difficult to flow to the earlier venture investment. Therefore, the establishment of our entire multi-level capital market will take a long time.

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