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in addition to expressing his views as much as possible, the name of the public account also has some personal color.

"start-up nation" magazine Wen / Wei Wu Yao


Wei Wu Bo: new media observer, lecturer, School of media and design, Shanghai Jiaotong University,

‘s media people engage in a public account in his spare time, IT media have more people because of waterside pavilion. The reason why I put a quote in my spare time is that it takes time to play with the public accounts. The more subscribers, the more time consuming, and the two words from the energy, the time, the amateur, really want to quote.

You have a

regardless of whether the public account is expected in the future what successful business model, but at least reclame is up a rose – this is one of the benefits. Some of the media world or slightly low integrity and write some soft Wen, because of their own account, send out very easily, but also can collect pennies. The media people engage in the public account so popular.

media organizations will envy individual public account creation influence? In most cases not, I rarely hear the media with their own personal requirements of public accounts for the media service. But the world cannot stand still some idiotic leaders.

recently, a media man told me that her media organization had asked her to hand over her public account. It made her angry and helpless. She asked me, "is that all right,


that depends on the specific situation. Specific to this media person, what she does the content of public account, and what she has done in the media organization, there is great intersection. Well, we can make a judgment like this: if she were not a reporter for the media, she would never have done so much. The judgment is generally valid. In that case, in theory, a media organization wants her to hand over a public account, because she takes advantage of the resources the media organization provides her.

this way, and love is not too, but you really want to seriously lawsuit, I reckon media organizations will very large. The question is: how do you avoid that,


my view is: in their own public accounts, as much as possible to express their own subjective views and views, rather than doing reports, gossip. The latter, in fact, the media organizations can do, just arrange a person to take over, still can continue to do reports, pull gossip. But the former is different, subjective view and view, everyone is different. The reason why this public account gathers so many subscribers is that the core lies in your views and opinions and has received favorable comments from subscribers. Once the individual is changed, these subscribers run away easily.

, in addition to expressing his views as much as possible, has a personal name for the public account name – for example, simply make an account with your own name. My friend of the media public account is a safe end >

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