How to choose the publishing platform of the soft text according to the propaganda purpose

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the day before yesterday in A5 see a friend about a promotion of a new website article he, what seems to be the theme for a Charioteer, thematic forum is the female, writing is very professional, is standing on a reporter’s identity to write, not discuss the authenticity of the article, but from this publishing platform is not very appropriate, if the aim is only to an external link, it is no ground for blame. The following heartbreaking talk about how to choose their own propaganda platform for the release of soft text.

first propaganda purpose is to external links, do not talk to the platform of choice, any Baidu spider is often pay more attention to, the article made a short time will not delete places you can choose to release platform, because you do not have to consider the group not to consider what. Whether it can bring much traffic to you only, such as A5, the webmaster stand behind, and the forum, blog and of course Baidu’s home turf, as long as you have enough patience, just published an article can not place your soft, with this object in the choice easier or webmaster no choice.

followed the release of the soft is to site traffic, with this purpose the webmaster, the release of the soft can’t remember where he is, nor is published standard according to the visit of the spider on the theme of women with heat, mentioned at the beginning of the article, if it is to get traffic then A5 is chosen as the release platform to take effect is very little, it’s better to iResearch blog or forum to send a soft Wen to IP, here is just one example, at this level of the release of the soft platform choice will have to really, is a popular and their own website users want to close, or the user group, a webmaster type soft release in Ruili or some entertainment website if you recommend to the first page is meaningless, It’s a long way from your original goal.

and soft release is designed to enhance the site’s brand awareness, such as happy net in this respect is high, although the final purpose is to flow, but the original purpose is not this, then this level can be soft to send some more influential portals, such as the relevant channel of sina QQ, Sohu, etc. such big influence on the portal platform, not only to have to consider the soft release platform in specific areas such as the influence of.

to consider publishing platform users

in the release of the soft can choose different platform according to the webmaster of the soft release, A5 is a good place, but also promote all of the articles are published to A5, even if the editors, meaning to you is not. Just like my, the women’s Web site here sends some traffic, but the quality is not high

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