Expose a webmaster hair soft trick learn its soft text technique

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wrote the main purpose of this article is to reveal some webmaster issued some "soft" article. The main reason is that I began to feel very good article, is carefully read, but a closer look, the competition is "soft"! Another purpose, I really admire the webmaster, although do not know who, but really high technique.

first about the general events. I often go to the three station is: Admin5, Chinaz, im286, today when the Chinaz forum to see an article titled: C2C and the market started, the browser market also began to rush, a look behind the " is to write a recent Taobao event, the browser market also began to rush; " specific is not clear what open look. It turned out that Microsoft executives accused Google’s new Chrome browser of using Microsoft software source code. After reading it, I smiled. The stationmaster estimates that his education is poor. Obviously there is a typo in the title: "the C2C market and started the" normal writing should be: "C2C market fighting started when I back to the post second look at this article. I found one trick, the beginning of the first sentence is this: these days because of the wind and rain into full " Taobao Baidu " seal; events directly ignited a massive market door apartment layout Gundam C2C website, and I see in the online news today is found here "and" the dirt two the word is actually a connection, and point to the www.887jizhansifu.cn to open a 887 and what I can only see light suddenly: originally this is a soft, it seems that this world is really not the soft. My heart is very angry + depressed. But think again, this stationmaster is really tall.

, let me take a closer look at this:

: the first method with the title.

will be the "battle" wrong "and" it’s written consciously reflects his words. And reading is the same, and will make a lot of people mistakenly believe that the posting of people without culture, wrong words.

second: make use of current hot events for speculation.

these days, the Internet incident, in addition to milk powder incident is Taobao event. The station master is very smart.

third: add to invisible.

do stand all know writing soft text will be webmaster or peer BS, this is directly in the article reflects the connection. It adds a connection directly to the beginning of the article. The title plus typos and in front of the echo, is really "impossible to guard against!" later found himself "IQ has been fooled, I immediately went to check the network domain name registration information, this time to understand the basic. Registration Date: 2008-09-06 the 17:48 domain name is just registered. It looks like the webmaster wants to do it

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