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shortly before I found an article entitled "how to make marketing interest in Douban, 200 million users and 200 brands of the accidentaly across?" asked me to have been called Chinese slow Internet enterprise bean is very interested in, but has yet to have the opportunity to write articles for some of their Douban views share out, I will put some views about watercress and communicate with you.


as of September 2013, watercress registered users reached 75 million, covering 200 million monthly independent users, the average daily PV more than 200 million. Watercress last year when the line, watercress commercial aroused heated debate in the industry. The watercress high interest marketing banner, watercress once again attracted public attention. Perhaps the interest marketing based on interest and the development of commercial bean and bean by this trick, interest interest in social interaction and active users do not conflict. Small Qian wrote the first draft of the new year "are faded unfamiliar street about gun shell, wearing new clothes Ali pay", has been paying close attention to the social field, so I want to bean using some of the existing resources and advantages, play social interest and give advice and suggestions.

small modest know watercress diary is a sub channel of watercress official speech, opened today, saw a "watercress 2013" list". List is divided into reputation list and the most attention list, respectively, the user rating, comprehensive evaluation of the number and user collection number and time weighted. I see this small bean 2013 list, which can be divided into watercress reading, movies, music, watercress watercress watercress watercress group and activities of the five plates, so bold independence claims based on the five sector is divided into three groups (watercress group and watercress activity alone as a group, the remaining three the plate is a group), to talk about my bean accumulated by the five plates of the resources and advantages of fun social interest view.

play 200 million advantages influence interest from the media to play


have lamented the popularity from the media, but from the media concept fiery may also be regarded as a huge influence, a successful event marketing package opinion leaders and the gossip broke man planning. Watercress month covering independent users have 200 million, daily average PV more than 200 million, small modest is not what data statistics analysis master, but conservative estimate watercress has 200 million users influence, should not be too much.

200 million influence, if it is completely translated into media influence, in addition to the powerful CCTV, all other media should be its spike. But this transformation, to achieve the perfect transformation of 200 million users, even if Jobs worship immortal should also be completed. Although not completely transformed, but there will certainly be room for transformation, and the current hot media may be a reference direction.

I read watercress 2013 annual list when it was found, reputation books list of "ice and fire song" ·>

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