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predicts that by 2020, China will become the world’s largest tourist country, and by then, 10% of the tourism market will come from the internet. As the latest model of commodity transaction in the era of Internet economy, the transaction process of electronic commerce should be completed completely in the virtual environment. However, the overall development level of China’s tourism websites is not very high, and the construction of tourism websites is more for the simple display of the information of tourism enterprises, and the real e-commerce has not been realized.

In order to promote the rapid development of tourism website enterprises,

compares the research of tourism websites at home and abroad, and puts forward the problems that need to be solved in the future tourism websites. In China, after several years of development, tourism websites have appeared in many well-known tourist websites, such as China, Ctrip, spring and autumn.

many travel websites like travel, care for this and lose that, Pengfei music tickets travel these travel sites, travel and tourism will be fully taken into account, the discount tickets, special offer tickets, ticket booking, hotel reservation, tourist guide services such as reasonable collocation, perfect service and good user experience is the magic weapon of the tourism websites.

also needs a lot of research on the cooperation of various marketing modes, market demand and positioning, and the difference of marketing at home and abroad. In the tourism website profit model, the Tourism Internet enterprise should integrate the resources with the traditional tourism enterprise, and must take the market actual demand and the reality characteristic as the guide.

in the construction and evaluation of the website, one of the key factors for the success of the tourism e-commerce website is whether it can provide content that meets the needs of consumers. In addition, the effectiveness and quality of tourism websites play a more and more important role in the success of online marketing. The performance orientation of website affects the performance of travel agency e-commerce, including three aspects: website effect, website efficiency and website benefit. It can be used as the evaluation element of travel agency website performance.

in other ways, some people find that typical online travel products and services differ from typical offline product services. However, China’s Turist Hotel industry has made initial achievements in actively using Internet to participate in market competition, and proposed some options and measures for the problems in construction and management.

research abroad on tourism websites is relatively early, and has been studied from various aspects. Research on tourist motivation, age, residence, tourism website type, network time, self efficacy, specific areas of the field of innovation, the Internet is perceived to visitors into the influence factors of potential travel booking.

website content research, through the user interface, information diversity and online booking three aspects of the study, the site as an effective market tool.

other aspects, I think the website evaluation method should be composed of art, information, interaction three aspects. Few people pay attention to brand and price, pay more attention to customer information demand and online security.

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