Analysis of Taobao passenger transport camp should be around the promotion of conversion rate to do

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off because the low barriers to entry, has become a kind of operation mode of small owners are more interested, but Taobao off one hand because adding a lot of personal webmaster, accelerate the degree of competition, on the other hand, a large number of super large portal use its powerful traffic source, small and medium-sized customers continue to erode Taobao profit space. This as a personal webmaster how to break the traffic bottleneck, improve their profit margins off Taobao


I think, in the flow is difficult to compete with others, through the transformation and promotion of flow rate is the most economical, but also is the most effective way, based on the analysis of a jacket Taobao guest website, found the site daily flow of only more than 100, but the turnover rate is as high as 15%. The daily income can reach 200 yuan, and its successful way is to rely on the

one or two soft article!


A few soft

the jacket website to occupy the Baidu home page, because the keywords jacket itself is relatively cold, and not the guest website to Taobao in the first row, just soft in the first place, is completely through the soft Wen brought traffic, it is so, making the site only to invest five hundred or six hundred yuan we can harvest every day up to 200 yuan of income. High performance price ratio.

from the success of this site can bring us what kind of inspiration? The author summarizes three aspects below, hope to be able to the preparations for the operation of Taobao, Taobao has been in operation or the guest friends help.

one: Keywords choice, not too hot, but must have a certain profit,

jackets and jacket which brand is good, ranking the two long tail keywords is the Taobao company’s core keywords, originally the jacket Baidu keyword index is not high, coupled with the long tail keywords, the degree of competition will further decline, but is this jacket industry profits are high, sales product percentage is relatively high, so every day can be transformed into a dozen traffic, can get considerable profits.

two: marketing should pay attention to conversion rate of

The main way of marketing

this site is soft, the soft but also a very good optimization long tail keywords, and gradually upgrade the soft release, is a combination of the PR value from 0 to 7 different sites, upgrade type soft release, will eventually be the long tail keywords, ranking rose to Baidu the home page, and occupy the second rank the first position, the total investment is not more than 1000 yuan, but it is such a targeted promotion of soft paper, just let the website brings a lot of directional flow, of course, soft Wen wrote the well is a very important aspect.

through the analysis of these two soft Wen, can give us two important inspiration, one is soft Wen, must comply with SEO optimization, better highlight key words, and the key >

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