Website operation is not a single plank bridge grasp the overall strength can succeed

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operation of a website is not only by you can be successful, site operators should integrate all resources, especially the coordination of local resources, the local resources to promote the progress of the website, gather parts into a whole, the author runs a local information network, every website adhere to collect information, organize information, publish information, brand, customer service and so on, to do so many things a person is not wrong, I started the operation of the site encountered many setbacks, after finishing on the website of the resource, merger, integration, to the website now before the formation of the independent operation, with local brands, combined with the author himself talk about information about how to integrate resources, make website can form more support.

we first take a look at my website, my website includes real estate information, news and information, dating information, part-time recruitment information, I can say that the website provides the most comprehensive information, here’s a look at my web page top bar.


one, integrating network team strength

running a website is not a personal thing, website technology, customer service, information and personnel are part of the site, at the beginning of the website I do not understand this, what things are on the one hand, the final result is every day busy, net station staff strength has not been fully by this, I developed a series of systems, such as the completion of what kind of work can get what rewards didn’t finish the work and loss of what will soon be able to establish a website that the strength of the team through reward and punishment for the members of the team, the development of the site and lay a solid foundation.

two, develop website related connections,

no matter what contacts will play a great role in promoting, I is the local people, parents are workers, but we have a lot of friends and relatives in the local, many of them have written a little relative rights, and these rights can be based on pulse the development of our website, then my information in order to develop the network have to contact a number of departments and units to do some publicity, but with my personal strength is very difficult to do this thing, so I contacted my uncle, he is now a small department chief, I explained the situation to him, he brought me to the the Propaganda Department, and I on the Publicity Bureau responsible person explained the situation, and finally reached an agreement, my website can play billboards when they carry out activities, this is what I want to achieve the purpose of, So I think the development of a website also needs to integrate some special development resources, and the network of people is the essential resource.

three, increase the proportion of investment

website want to develop, not investment is not good, and how much investment also with the type of Web site, the future development has a great relationship, the author thinks, as a webmaster, should combine their own situation and reality >

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