Green flying do website design industry still have no way out

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the earliest in the "million" network in channel management, and "58" the boss is equivalent to the relationship between colleagues, he was the general manager of the Southern China area, did not think he is now worth over one hundred thousand of my net worth hundreds of millions, the following generation, it is not better than ah, think bitter, sometimes think of God it’s not fair, why not give me a chance, but some people say that the opportunity to create their own, so today I have lost two years of Internet business, to get it, so the imitation of a small website, specializes in the design of personalized web service and marketing, want to use personality to attract customers Green flying enterprise Internet application center is a new website I can master it, drifting away. Because the site is modeled on an old station to change.

small Internet studio or team, if you want to obtain the market, you must be careful and dedicated, otherwise it is difficult to see the tree, my idea is:

1, customers should be narrow, not big.

I don’t want me around to find customers, do not want to have a lot of customers come to me, my goal is to do I think that a few customers need, who knows how to do SEO and web design requires a lot of energy, so customers face a little smaller can do better, quality assurance.

2, website wants originality, individual character.

business website is actually used for orders, the number of functions is not important, important is that several pages to personality, simple, practical, in order to better attract customers attention, and you are not to SEO on its website issued a heap of original information, such as green flying the name and website interface. We have adopted a new style, estimated on the market is very difficult to find the same type of website, so the customer can easily remember, also shows that we are out of the ordinary individual design, at least in time and customers that can refer to this.

3, fewer items, be careful.

Don’t do things

too much, I only do personalized website design at present, and a small amount of SEO orders and the publicity, website design basic principles in green flying website also has instructions, is a user interface design must comply with the W3C and the DIV to write two functions must be simple and practical. I only do SEO orders of the enterprise, Chinese, abroad will not do, so as not to give yourself the trouble, 4 words following the keyword so I don’t do, thus limiting the part of the customer, can greatly improve the effect of the guarantee.

4, a single project charge is slightly higher than normal, but not very high,

, my principle is that a few people, two small, so I can not do a lot of customers and help to maintain them, so no time or energy, so I can only do less customers, and also guaranteed income, so a single customer to share the cost, such as SEO, originally a word 500, now 800, you don’t do it, because I don’t want to give yourself the trouble and risk, make some no effect or can’t give you.

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