County gateway community development of the road offline promotion so that you stand out

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With the development of Internet and the popularity of Internet, the number of Internet users is increasing day by day, and the demand for localization information of

is increasing gradually. This also marks the transformation of the Internet from the macro economy to the micro economy, and the site from the national comprehensive to local, industrial transformation. Under the localization demand, the opportunity of the small and medium-sized website also increases unceasingly. All kinds of local portal communities that rely on local users to provide localized information and services have sprung up like mushrooms.

            local portal site type community has become indispensable Web2.0, meet the local users become the basic necessities of life, shopping and entertainment, effective carrier and platform for emotional talk. 19 floor Hangzhou, Changzhou long lane, Xiamen fish community…… Domestic Internet has risen a number of remarkable, amazing local traffic portal community. While the Internet is increasingly integrated into people’s lives, the local portal community is playing an invaluable role.

but for the time being, the Internet has a wave of local gateways, community trends, and competition. Internet users have great potential for localization, but local netizens are limited and have strong market limitations. First tier cities, and it is difficult to accommodate 2 to 3 of the same size large-scale portal communities, the general prefecture level city is more difficult to produce latecomers successful case. The limits of the market and the saturation and thus contributed to the further subdivision and further localized information demand, local portal community experienced by the provincial level to the county subdivision to the layers, where users demand digging makes many small sites into the market.

              County gateway community, thus becoming the experimental field for individual owners to start their own businesses". On the one hand, the demand for Internet users in county-level cities has yet to be tapped and has great potential. On the other hand, the county market has not yet been fully developed, competitors are relatively few cities in the prefecture level, if the first to enter, pre emptive, a greater probability of success.

county-level cities are small, but they do not represent less demand for Internet users. On the contrary, it is the lagging development of the Internet industry in county-level cities that makes the demand for localized information of Internet users exuberant, and is eager to obtain information and services through the internet. Especially some county-level cities under the three tier cities, compared to county-level cities under a second tier cities, the development is relatively slow, the Internet is basically synchronized with the real economy, relatively lagging behind. However, the momentum of development is strong, and more demand for Internet users can be excavated. This is like the county road infrastructure lag, unable to increase the number of residents of private cars, the overall lag of the Internet can not meet the localization needs of Internet users and the desire to integrate into the internet. This is an excellent opportunity for County Gate community development.

, however, the County Gate community’s optimism also brings some competition, and the average county-level cities will also have several competitors. How to emerge from the competition and become a county?

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