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good place portal site has always been my desire, from the 06 initial struggle failure, to today’s website a little color, understand, do not just site technology and popularity, but also to persevere. From ASP to PHP, from the tab layout to the div+css, testing this or that program day and night, sometimes thinking that you’re really boring. Recently made some changes to the template, here to share with you the production process.

first, summed up the original section of the web site and the corresponding function, make up the original deficiencies, such as: the discount program, originally in the field are introduced in detail, just use a text box, so that customers can only put the text, on the basis of change to upload a picture editor, you can let the discount business release of graphics and appearance information free of charge. After summarizing the overall framework to map making effect of each page, this is mainly in blue, broke the last blue bar layout single, to eliminate the "skin color gorgeous switching function is not true, but the layout is very normal, because we are here to the Internet are all new, engage in a mess they will have a feeling of hate. The content of the home page is mainly based on the convenience of the people. After each column, a quick release channel and more information can be set up. In other pages to simple and generous gray based, unified layout, orderly connection.

secondly, in the SEO optimization also made some changes, closely around "south and" as the main body, make a series of keywords. There is not much to be done in the internal connection, and should be further improved in the future. In this blessing, and I do the local station friend, must insist on, although the dark night gave us black eyes, we can find the light.

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