From the Ministry of cancellation of the record talk about the survival of small and medium owners

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recently made record events raise a Babel of criticism of many small Adsense headache, but do not know how to deal with the emergencies, like server problems, many people know to use, but do not know how to solve the problem. According to the Ministry of the cancellation of the record of events, I do not express any objection, just to talk about how to deal with this unexpected events, I am confident, able to handle emergencies contingency plans for a webmaster is good webmaster. Then how can we solve the problem that the website has been written off and


1. Temporarily replace a foreign server or Hongkong server

in the face of this record number is cancelled under the condition, must not be cut off, do not know how to handle, to be calm, the first consideration is to let the website within 24 hours open, it should be replaced as soon as possible to the server, especially for the old station, this disaster is absolutely fatal. My Taobao flagship store this station is hard one year of operation, has been a better weight station, but because the record was canceled, the website does not open, the amount collected from 20 thousand down to 3, the disaster people absolutely unbearable.

however, I temporarily replaced the server in Hongkong, and is a seven day trial that, let go after the formal filing process, but there is a problem, your site must cannot be accessed in record time, otherwise the record is very difficult by the. In fact, really sigh small webmaster survival is not easy. Anyway, this solution is only temporary, not once, moreover, Hongkong server access speed, than on domestic slow some, if placed in the foreign server is needless to say, the biggest security risk is, if the site data is lost, you can not solve, not may go abroad to find foreigners theory.

two, disciplined, regular filing process

from a long-term perspective, if you want to cultivate a long-term site for you to make money, then from the early days should be considered after possible problems. Such as website filing problems, server security issues, etc.. But, again, it is impossible to consider all the issues, the website development process will always have unexpected problems, such as the Ministry of clean up the shell website is a.

undeniable, their practice is indeed some extreme, just like the Internet implementation of the "one size fits all" policy, in the domestic website, really still have to do things in accordance with the regulations. If the site has this problem, then you can wait for the case, rules provide authentic personal or business information, and then go to the record, wait for a month or so, you might have the record number down. However, the site is K is normal, but in the long run, regular filing process is necessary.

three, emergency policy to seek rapid filing

for some quick money sites, if >

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