Local website operation can not be separated from public service activities

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"as long as everyone contributes a little love, the world will become a better world." love activities require everyone to participate, and local website operations can not be separated from public welfare activities.

in 2008, I had the honor to become the people network partners in Harbin, as a person, this is a good opportunity to grow I learned not only large companies experience in site operators, I also know some friends at the same time, the "Harbin love alliance" of rain, I also have the honor of being the one, "Harbin love union" a volunteer. Love is when the alliance will rescue leukemia female college student Ma Lin, Harbin Red Cross President Chi Kejie personally approved as a non-governmental organization members of the red cross. "Harbin love alliance" president, Xiaoyu successfully organized relief leukemia female students, orphanage condolences, homes for the elderly to visit the elderly, volunteers, just to scratch the hands of swindlers and other activities.

Lantern Festival, released by Harbin people welfare section and love alliance forum Lantern Festival volunteer condolences to the nursing home elderly activity notice ", supported by the users and the public in Harbin," Harbin love union "organized by President rain once again completed the Lantern Festival condolences to the nursing home elderly. Activity.

The rapid development of

networks today, the network has become the people activities and exchange platform, so the website of nature to give full play to the advantages of the platform, to gather the user through a variety of activities, develop themselves and contribute to society, so the operation of local website cannot do without public welfare activities, let the public welfare activities and local site common development and make its own contribution for the social development and construction. 2009 Harbin people network to support public welfare activities, "Harbin love alliance" to continue to work hard, with sincerity and practical action to influence and drive around the friends, the love stories change each high streets and back lanes of


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