What do the station masters need t’s worth all the webmaster thinking

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wrote an article yesterday, there are so many words in the article: "the spirit of perseverance, don’t see a station, one week, two weeks, one month, two months is not included, it has a problem, to delete again; not this station a bit IP. Suddenly saw the article, well, very enlightening, to do so, the station is deleted, the network is the station; station, you can do every? Stick to one theme, continue doing it will be successful, I believe."

later many of the webmaster friends add my QQ, said these words, they are more experienced, a friend said that he had just put a data from two months ago to be deleted, want to make a station, it seems, there is this idea of many webmaster.

recently soon more than half a year, there were many webmaster webmaster webmaster to headache, is now included in Baidu algorithm allows us to change, the new station, a few months after the GG is not included, click advertising scheme adjustment, everyone’s income is greatly reduced, then cancel the ggAd line into the continued appreciation of the RMB it is said, do GG have to pay taxes, finished, I think a lot of small owners may have a beat a retreat. Yes, now for many small Adsense is a very difficult period, but to believe in a word, the emergence of the crisis also means the emergence of opportunities, I hope you do not give up.

at this time, we small webmaster, need more is to insist.

persistence means we need to put up with more pain. We still have to face the daily 0 collection, 0 revenue and 0 happy;

so we should now prefer to endure the pain, but also to the owners of the road to the end, then what should we do now? Everyone has their own ideas, I will talk about my thoughts, I am going to graduate now, so I choose to go to practice, but their website is not the update segment does not have time to do outside the company, I think a site should be the life cycle is very long, want to put a few months back to recovery, it is not really like gold digging site, so don’t believe the first tube is included, what what advertising revenue don’t put the best first, honest to enrich the site, the other should be to follow. If you do not want to update themselves every day, but also want to enrich the content of the site, then I can introduce such a system: http://s.aijuhe.net friends who are interested to look at it. If you don’t have time to do a website, but you already know what you want to do website, then please do not always have an idea of the domain name, buy back, get a space, the first page, the title, the words together, so you can not let you in time when you have included Baidu, etc. time to prepare to do well when a hey, Baidu has actually included your domain name, so start up time relatively faster. My health network, for example

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