With only five steps you can also make SNS a hot happy net

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is written at the very beginning: SNS promotion is difficult to know, and now play SNS sites are very rich contacts big head can play. Or is a strength! Such as Kang Sheng, and gathered behind, love GJJ, at least in the webmaster in this population, their SNS will do it very well! And general grassroots family play SNS is difficult, but we don’t lose heart, just like the "shock troops" in said that one of the most classic words, do not abandon, do not give up! As long as do the following points, your SNS will become the heart of the site "happy net".

(a) tailored to SNS features and positioning to find a specific group of users, playing web game users, in general, are an office worker. These are the best people to attack. Because work generally, leisure time is still available, so the MM to work. GG people usually find time to relax on the Internet, like watching movies and listening to music. It seems to be their leisure and choice. Of course, playing big games is definitely impossible, so web games are the first choice!


(two), the webmaster that runs SNS website must be individual character, glamour, powerful. Take the station’s unique charm to take the initiative to attract everyone to join, they do not understand SNS, it does not matter! You need to start from yourself, let them understand the interest generated, attracted to SNS. Your starting point, you can choose the most familiar colleagues around, classmates, friends and relatives and so on.

(three), through the SNS website running positioning correction, content and characteristics as the center, to create your own "happy net"". I also did SNS, found in UCHOME chose an online book game, this is more interesting. Through online books, you can let the user enter your daily consumption and income. This allows users through a period of time, you can draw their own monthly consumption of how much, spent a lot of careful analysis of the actual needs of users, which can be said to be an important promotion window SNS. If all of them are games, it will make the user feel like playing games, and it seems to be of little use.

(four) uses content and features to build SNS and binds users to web activity or offline activity. When there is a certain foundation, you can carry out online activities. For example, the author here (I conducted activities), with their appeal held in SNS activities, such as pictures, OK, here is more than who who photographed beautiful and handsome, but personalized, fully mobilize the interests of users actively involved in. At this time the user can take photos of some of the more personal photos, such as sexy lips, sexy legs, slender fingers and so on, in time to organize activities to remind you of any body can take a place, classic, small gifts of personality can reward such as QQ coins.

(five), it is recommended that you do not put all your eyes on a few pure game applications, and recommend them to your users, which will lead to the most practical and useful

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