Taobao operates an adult store for half a year 100 thousand marketing ideas

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I’m a Taobao business. So so, I’ve got a 100 thousand profit per year now. My main products are condoms and other sex products.

has just started when I told you the same mixed community, forum, blog these conventional means of promotion for many times, the effect how not to say, it gives me a patience and calm! Accidentally on the network know global hospital network marketing for Kartal, with him after a chat that he did not grasp the direction, is one of the most important products, one needs a creative, not found.

after talking, thinking, combined with my years of experience in relevant forums, I found that my main products (An Quantao) users, there is a part of many are after an abortion only to realize the role of An Quantao. So I thought, can I set up an information system for my clients to guide the customers to consume?. After all, this society is marketing, not selling. Customers must consider their interests and guide them to spend.

and I in the Kartal site to collect a number of abortion information, including artificial abortion, medical abortion, visual flow and other maintenance, and how to prevent complications and so on. The understanding that you can say in the respect of the relevant knowledge, and then I began to mix BBS (love, school), I set up a circle of love, I set up the QQ group, I know a number of age is not very big, but the young girl, boys, talk to them. Life, talk about feelings.

has accumulated for six months, and in October of last year, sales finally exceeded 100 thousand.

of course, there are many of my products, and I still have a lot of ideas. Just put out today, the first time I run things to share with you, the process is the same, it is important that you understand your customers, you can achieve a win-win situation with your customers, you can let him think the first thing is when you buy the product.

to do this, first of all, to understand the following 3 points:

what do your customers need,


what can your product offer,

?What benefits can

customers buy for your product?

the last point is the most important thing. If you can get to the last point, your sales will be much better.

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