Vip com’s market capitalization of nearly 100 billion the secret of sustained growth is what

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Abstract: an electricity supplier company must be in brand reputation, high-quality products, user experience, logistics and warehousing get comprehensive promotion will attract more users, to some extent, the growth of active users also means good prospects for company operation.

, as I predicted last year,’s market value is steadily approaching the 100 billion mark.

big day thirty days ago, China’s largest sale of electricity supplier announced the fourth quarter of 2014 and full year earnings data, the main business data all rose sharply, the market value approaching 100 billion RMB. This opened a perfect "crested leading field in sale for the year of the goat sheep’s growth". profit margins for nine consecutive quarters of rapid growth, and simply can not stop what is the secret? If you pay attention to the electricity supplier, then you should not miss this "in the stock analysis of"".

[earnings boost share prices, market capitalization approaching one billion]

after the earnings release, second days before shares rose nearly 10%, after soaring 15.18%, the last reported income of $25.11, a market capitalization of $14 billion 245 million, about 88 billion 800 million yuan. Hit a new high since the listing, stabilizing the status of China’s top five listed companies on the internet. The other four giants are BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) and Jingdong.

strong earnings again increased the confidence of investors, investment banks have raised the price expectations for, which is expected to more Paget’s share price will reach $30 (according to the estimated market value of more than one hundred billion RMB). Apart from the steady growth of profits, I think the key point is that investors see the rapid growth of the number of active users.

comes with a key set of data: fourth quarter growth in the number of active users to 12 million 200 thousand people, up 114.2% over the same period last year; the year 2014 active users from 9 million 400 thousand year-on-year growth of 150.4% to 23 million 600 thousand people, in 2014 the number of active users over 1.5 times more than the fourth quarter, the number of users to achieve a 28% growth.

To promote

growth in the number of users, fourth quarter 2014 total net revenues over the same period last year rose 108.9% to $1 billion 360 million (about 8 billion 498 million yuan); net profit growth of 122.8% over last year, reaching $56 million 600 thousand (about 353 million yuan), the nine consecutive quarter of growth of


[locking high-quality women, the future has a high growth bonus]

The rapid growth of

has a direct bearing on’s long locked user base.

has been, women are very strong consumer groups, but also business users. Western economists have long been aware of the powerful influence women have on the economy

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