The PC site is dead and wrong The real value of the site should be a standard

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in the Feng Xiaogang endorsement of a brand mobile phone, so say: "the man of success is the standard, so the intelligent mobile phone mobile phone!" era, indeed subvert a lot higher, such as lucrative website once for the grassroots, along with the migration of Internet population, money effect has been less obvious, so some people shouted, the PC side of the site

is dead!


It is in fact

? Had seen such a thing: a well-known local enterprises because of poor management, on the verge of collapse, jittery, at this time, the company’s website is in trouble, by a foreign company sued for patent infringement, many people think, nor how the company’s Web site take care, now the enterprise website is not all the way, there is no! But the end result is that the company did not give up the site, even in the site closed for nearly three months, have persisted, later reversed, the site returned to normal.

and these three months are the toughest three months the company has spent, restructuring, downsizing, and corporate change…… Although experienced a lot of changes, but the site is the former site, it is said that the company has received a lot of orders, start again, but in Baidu encyclopedia, the information of the company to re do the update, a web presence, you can feel the company still have strong vitality.

also has an entity friend, mainly engaged in steel wholesale business. The first holding play attitude, made a website, but also find a little SEO of the son of a friend to take care of this website, then did not think this website gave him the equivalent of 30% store orders, then the friend also made Baidu for promotion, website peak not only, their business is saturated, also to the others do. Later, everyone is doing, more competition, the site brought less orders, but the friend site has also been insisting. "Although the list is not much, but it is better than nothing," because the site on-line early, and now just do simple optimization, basically every year there are orders.


, an enterprise that has a real business, usually doesn’t die, and the friend’s Web site is not very good. He made a station, the station was collected and then pseudo original release out, the station included, rankings are very good, there are a lot of people visit every day, but almost all of the visitors are one-time (there is no return, not long after the user) by degrees the mother got killed, although relying on advertising to earn a lot of money, but Baidu suffered punishment is a matter, because you have no industry on the one hand, on the other hand is with traffic to make money, such a web site, once the use of plug-in mode, Baidu was blocked sooner or later.

we know that many websites now play <

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