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today to see the A5 article, see a "personal webmaster shame: what to take to save our original" article, the article is mainly about a personal webmaster, through the 2 months to reach 2000 IP, which is a major site on TV movie in July 20th last year, on-line, on-line when there are 100 articles, according to the owners of their own action site is original, so on-line a few days after the IP reaches about 26, this is not easy, squid meal site, once a month, only a few IP, no more than 10, then the station long and updated daily, final in August 30th IP reached more than 700, the weight of the site Baidu is also up, the owners continue a month after IP, reached 2000.

The rest of the

, he is telling the station to be non original and transfer station to defeat, finally being punished, then Baidu was relentless K out a lot of ", the specific reason is because K lost weight high website pseudo original or reproduced in his article, and he did not leave the site, and then to be Baidu drop right. Of course, interested friends can go directly to see this article, I’m not talking about why the site will be down right, but to chat about the content and form of this site.

In fact, many webmaster

sure about the station takes 2 months to nearly 2000IP envy, especially small webmaster, according to this article webmaster introduction, his website IP sources are basically from the search engine, it can be said that the webmaster, not to use WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking tools to drainage then, the 2000 can only rely on search engines to.

In fact, the

station, I went to look carefully, and now Baidu is the weight of the station is 3, Baidu is expected to flow to 732, but this can only be used as a reference, his Baidu keyword is the basic content of the weight of lines, and I think one thing, "Keywords very large lines" of the audience moreover, the word search volume is not large, is the word search volume is derived out of long tail keywords is also very large, in fact many people say that the movie station is difficult to do now, what relates to copyright, even Baidu will punish you, why not transfer your weight onto the relevant contents of film on the


film class webmaster whenever what new movies and TV series, you want to go to the Post Bar forum, to send links, will be deleted at any time, and then be punished, why not change a thought? This line station is one of them, what movie plot, but also what feedback? What movie information, can be done, the content is up, the number up, then the search volume naturally come, at least you do a movie station is much better, you say


actually I think this line station is somewhat similar to the QQ station, are the main text, the search volume is large, but better than in the original film on the day when you stand where IP for the film and proud, look at.

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