Should we think about it more fully before setting up a website

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considered the level of the site is really not enough. A person, a computer, half page level, began making up their own network crash. Maybe it’s because of what you’re thinking. Anything can happen quickly. Every day pondering the website of those functional modules are also tired, and thus began to make the first site, the establishment of the station to now everything is going smoothly, but unfortunately.

first say something good, · · ~ ~ ~ the site of the day, Google included his site, fifteenth days time, also included. More than 2 months time, PR rose to 3, the early time is often visited Admin5 webmaster nets, but soft Wen see more like a, content and update, and then add your AD, to the back will be a lot less. And go to the site of traffic. Basically, all the methods we can think of are used, and IP has broken through 1300. But, is this website useful? I really doubt myself. Google ZhengZhan articles are included, and Baidu also included a half, but at that time from them to traffic one day a few IP. Only now did you find out where the problem was; · ·

one, keyword unpopular. In the ASP crash, the Baidu index had no such index at all. Even the ASP index is less than 2000, and a lot of people are doing it.

two, followed by the planning of the very good, but to the implementation of the time, but often suffered setbacks. Because the entire site’s programs, including the background, are written by themselves. Caused by many functions can not be achieved, only retreat and seek times. Use simple methods instead. Up to now, part of the functionality on the site is still incomplete. This is deadly.

three, because they will not write the collection of code, but also want to pursue the original, the early stage of the station to think of their own manual input data on the site. To think is good, to act is difficult. Every time is limited, but also class, doing homework and so on, these deduction can have much time to manage website, how much time to track users need is what aspects. And their manual input article is quite unrealistic, a site want to do very well, need the article quantity is very big. Rely on their own manual input is impossible, in fact, add some pseudo original articles, pay attention to the key words on the line.

four, the middle of the station still can’t resist the temptation of advertising, for their site plus 3 advertising. Later, the energy is not spent on the site, more attention to advertising, click proportion, as well as the amount of visits on the day, and how to advertise some of their pages. Gradually less updates, nothing less than · · also ran to play games, playing for some time.

now, looking back at what he’s been doing for months, he really thought about it

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