Webmaster should be rational to face the hype can also become public welfare

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saw on TV yesterday a matter of wide discussion and controversy. The thing is, in a city (which city forgot, but does not affect the narrative, a) the old woman selling vegetables may be perennial vegetables, exposed to the weather, the body is not good, the foot, the last serious effect on walking to fester. Then there was a woman who was engaged in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (presumably a Chinese medicine clinic) and heard about the old lady. Run over for the old lady do Chinese medicine physical therapy, and personally help the old lady feet. The incident attracted people’s attention, and some people to television and newspaper reflect, this lady’s things through television and newspaper reports and widely circulated. This act of helping others and giving love has also been praised by the media and people.

from the surface, this is a simple but touching good thing, but everything put on the Internet users, it will lead to more extensive, more views of the discussion. Internet users have praised and advocated the discussion and evaluation, and most of them are learning. But some also hold different views. Some netizens said "she is in the hype is a show, through such a good thing, he made a name, is to do the advertising for their diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, killing two birds with one stone. And said that such a good thing to do once is a show, to really help others, love, insist on doing it to prove." The lady’s behavior really can not rule out "show speculation" suspects, users of this view also has some truth. There are users who hold a more pertinent, more accepted view: "the lady even speculation, is doing the right thing, if we are to do a good thing to show his own hype, it is not necessarily a bad thing." In the face of speculation and show, we do not advocate, but we can not blindly deny and oppose. Hype show has negative and positive points, if it is with positive events, hype show at the same time, and participate in the public welfare, and contribute their love, then hype show will be recognized.

on the network hype show act, this is indeed a promotion of their products or service a good way, but if excessive use of negative events to hype hype, even to do some bad things. Then, even if you have made a name for a while and made a profit, it will also be cast aside for the long run. Like the recent network very red Xifeng, her "famous" is indeed the public entertainment, if someone behind the hype, then the team may therefore have a lot of profit, but everything has a degree, will be on the aesthetic fatigue demanding users, Xifeng this clown curry favour by claptrap, long time end will be forgotten by the users. The network is so, stationmaster is no exception. In addition to those conventional means of promotion, speculation show is also often used to promote the site Adsense gimmick, network competition is fierce, who do not want their website traffic more, exposure rate a little more. However, excessive speculation, the use of negative events, and ultimately tend to outweigh the benefits, and achieved some results, only short-term. For example, the past two years, a variety of frequent "XX door", the webmaster does not

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