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Abstract: the focus of the barrage video is not the video, the barrage, and the barrage is actually related to social and cultural, these two things is the possibility of future evolution of video sites. I read for you: what is the magical video of the barrage?.

said, although the barrage video for many users have not fresh, and even users now watch network video only choose AB station. But for mainstream video sites, such as Youku, if the content of a full screen barrage comment, I believe most of its users little heart still can not accept.

but this does not mean that Youku Qiyi can ignore the barrage site, because the focus is not barrage video video, is that these things are actually the barrage barrage, and related social and culture, these two things is the possibility of the future evolution of the video site.

but the cultural thing, playing the Internet do not know a few, or Tudou will not pinch "Naruto" copyright, but still can not do two years, barrage video. Below, the author to explain: what is the magical video of the barrage?.

barrage video site is the core of user interaction, that is, social

, for example, has never claimed to be a video site, but rather targeted a barrage site, more like a social platform for video sites and B sites than Bilibili.

social emphasis on human interaction, that is interactive, and this is the barrage of comments in the form and the general video site below the comment form the biggest difference:

screenshot for B station, a up owner produced high-quality original video

barrage real-time appear in the video window, the audience can with the progress of the video, the first time to see other people at the same time point for the same content to make comments, so as to respond. The content of the response may be separated by the number of days and months, but at the same time in space, mutual corroboration, and more access to the audience at the same time.

this process, the interaction between the audience realized the snowballing growth, combined with a brief barrage of text, strong timeliness, strong sense of personal characteristics, so that we can easily think of participation in social networking platforms, such as micro-blog, what the Post Bar.

therefore, compared with other video sites, B station has an absolute advantage, and it is also the best gift from the social platform service: user loyalty, and UGC.

, Baidu, Sina, micro-blog Post Bar Tencent QQ and so on are this way: the user repeatedly access and content production, circulation and the formation of self sustained healthy development. It’s better than spending money on copyright.

in fact, barrage video site has become the main platform to play a lot of video content producers, such as a China "virtual Idol" (the original Vocaloid music video, based on this later to write it) content creation.

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