A year and a half earned 50 thousand also talk about my Wangzhuan experience

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actually do stand now count for four years, during the to do countless websites, you can make some personal station, just for fun, not to make money, that time is that what Wangzhuan words like purely deceptive, until 05 years of exposure to a called 3155 ad at the time of the alliance, realized that the original site can also make money. At that time my station is a station on the film, several movies registered advertising, every day there are some registered, each commission is 15 yuan, up 3, sometimes every 4 registrations, till the end of the month settlement, a settlement was 4, 500 yuan (later a few months after the discovery they deducted the amount of buckle is very serious), but for me, this has been a lot of advertising, it is the first time ah, I was just too excited, slowly I just entered the ranks of the people. The alliance is closed now, and it may be too serious. The owners have blocked it, ha ha.

well, I also said my true Wangzhuan experience. In 04 years I want to do recruitment, recruitment companies charge a registration fee to make money, the idea is to be, but did not focus on the website, no publicity, no time to maintenance of website, the results of the first station so young. 05 years of my own movie station traffic began to rise, 3155 union advertising effect is also good, but every month is that a few hundred dollars, so I really appreciate what is called Wangzhuan time is 05 years in June, I started to do YAHOO search and bidding, through the accumulation of nearly 2 years of Wangzhuan experience. I have learned a little, so that my advertising revenue by leaps and bounds to reach 3000 yuan every month, every month can sometimes reach 6000 yuan, I was so excited, the original cheating can get so much income ah, now think about every month to the bank to withdraw money the feeling is really very beautiful, ha ha. But good times don’t last long for a year and a half, the time, my account was finally closed, but it is worth, I forget, this time I got a total of $50 thousand in advertising revenue.

there may be a lot of people who don’t believe it, but it’s really my real experience. If people really want to know how I was cheating, I might have said never mind, after all, YAHOO alliance early are closed, that is not what the impact on them is not what high technology inside, is physical work, every day and night except eat and sleep is at the point of advertising, by AD IP, time machine, the number of clicks to uniform and not leave traces, believe it or not, anyway, I got the money in this way. After the account was stopped, so I made a stand, the purpose is very clear, is to improve the flow, so as to put ads on the site, I continued to make money, but only entertainment site for nearly a year, due to the site in the entertainment news with too many beautiful pictures, afraid of being qualitative for illegal websites, often public security bureau check site was bile conflict, then simply sell back. In fact, it seems to be nothing to do now

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