Do a good job of user experience so that the web site to become user favorite

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user experience is the Internet has been stressed in this large ecological environment, as the network environment is now the beginning of a large purification, SEO more and more emphasis is to return to the most fundamental thing. In fact, for now, the user experience is a very important point, but for the vast majority of SEO, they do not know what should be done in order to enhance their website user experience. In fact for the user experience, and not everyone is so difficult to imagine, as long as you can treat yourself as a user, when you find your own website on the Internet, you want to what this is enough. The following Xiaobian to share with you about the website user experience topic, I hope we can make progress together.

In fact,

for the construction of the user experience, first of all we have to do is think of myself as a user, we hope to be able to get what kind of what kind of information and services on the site, so for us according to their own website for the user experience is very helpful. Secondly, we should think about is how to introduce them to our website to the user by the inertia of thinking, because for the website, if there is no flow of words even if you have a good user experience is no good, we always be their day in YY, when their own users. Then, how to make your website give the user a fresh and refreshing feeling, so that he can remember his website, so the website should learn to innovate, so that it can attract users’ bright spot. The last is the site in the content construction to logical thinking, such as the building must be along the user’s thinking to build, allowing users to follow their own thinking thinking constantly to extend, let users on their website to understand the points have what they want.

is the first to say: there are many kinds of drainage drainage methods, such as through the keywords ranking, website blog business, micro-blog, WeChat, soft Wen promotion and so on these methods and channels, these channels and methods are the methods and ways of site drainage, of course, for these methods in the promotion of the time want to have higher. Especially for keywords drainage and drainage is soft Wen promotion website when the release of information must be published in its website and related platform, positioning customer groups so as to be more precise, introduction to the flow are said to have to understand the needs of customers or a certain intention. In this way, we can reduce the jumping out rate of our website and increase the stay time of the website users.

second to say that when the construction site must have a sense of innovation, innovative website can attract users to a certain extent, as we met in the street a outlandish costume will always be tempted to look at several, also will focus on the memory in the memory of the time. The same is true for websites, and only when we innovate, will we attract users to focus on memory, too

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