How to successfully open a clothing store

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opened a clothing store has become a mainstream contemporary entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurial success, but want to open a clothing store is not easy, the whole network here Xiaobian for everyone that need to pay attention to the problem.

product popularity

design style with the local consumer habits and preferences are not consistent, to avoid the possibility of conflict and [replace] the words in intelligence.

joined the company can not give you enough profit? Just look at the surface delivery discount and exchange rate, is not enough, there are many hidden items are unlikely to see the. Let’s take a rough account. You need to put about: rental shops (may require a one-time payment of 3 months or even half of the rent); shop decoration costs (investment); capital goods (such as 40% purchase discount, so retail value in 10  million yuan of goods, you need to pay 40 thousand); wages; monthly daily store cost (cost of hydropower); various tax etc..   expected income according to the shop where the shopping district and the surrounding brand sales, estimated number of sales every day, do a minimum of two best plan, thus the daily turnover rate.


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