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blog now more and more independent, in the webmaster circles should be a staff, establish the cost is the lowest from dozens of pieces, to around 200, its avant-garde personality independent concept, you get more recognition, and the overall situation of the world use server system, support PHP Linux hot, domestic IDC have also accelerated the pace of this aspect, flat-share server field is Linux dominate, so the majority of love DIY friends how to use what code to deal with the change of


today on the analysis of 3 blog source code, from three different countries, which is more time to look at the vast number of friends using

below, ehane will help you analyze the advantages of the next source code:

one, Made, in, China-, China PHP blog source code star – "Bo-Blog"


1, perfect function

BoBlog is probably the most versatile source blog, inserted very suitable for beginners to use, user-friendly design, let you in the editing and management can be fully integrated feelings, guestbook, expression, weather and other functions to meet the needs of the public.

2, a reasonable code structure,

Tags, two, by top level classification, filing, star and other functions, will effectively organize your log, convenient search and check.

3, rich customization features,

flexible page modules, plug-in systems, xhtml+css based templates, and multilingual architectures give full user rights.

4, easy to SEO optimization,


program has yet to generate this static function, if the estimated, usage rate will be much higher than that of Z-blog, but is now also has a good optimization function, URL aliases can redefine the PHP file name or directory aliases, although the former is still present in the form of PHP, but still there is a better search engine, pseudo static function finally is simple, as presented in the form of read.php/*.htm, is also conducive to the search engine.

two, Made, in, USA-, overseas fever favorite -Wordpress


1, a lot of resources,

overseas to do the best, even if he, and therefore enthusiasts too many, plug-in ah, subject ah, emerge in endlessly.

2, easy to SEO optimization,

, this is not very much

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