Ali electricity supplier ecological long term brand development foothold

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as China’s electricity supplier leader, Ali in the last six months of action so that everyone can understand, but also do not understand. See clearly, Ali’s ambitions, as well as for the ecology of the favor, do not understand why, after Sina joined, eager to engage in social electricity supplier. However, compared to other domestic electricity supplier brands, such as Dangdang, where customers, a number of stores to imitate the wind, Ali has always played a leading role, divergence from financial function, to integrate into the social system, and then to the rookie logistics escort, a vision of development in the beginning than others. 6-7 in advance, this operation thinking is commendable.

contact the electricity supplier but also 5 years, although the development of Taobao is not in a stage, but the operations in 84 years site, myself for some business platform to understand the properties of one or two, after all, is to do coupons from the data returned, two customer purchase rate and the quality of the flow, Ali, Tmall and Taobao have a great advantage. But why do the electricity supplier, Ali group will be able to obtain long-term development, continue to maintain rapid development of electricity supplier in the cold of winter, and other platforms to a shareholder capital injection will continue to burn, all their hopes on the customer’s sympathy? I think Ali’s electricity supplier Empire were going to be rational in addition to the opportunities as well as their own efforts, there are many operations on wisdom.

platform advantage is Ali’s most solid business, relying on the platform, Ali derived data and financial services are slowly layout, slowly showing strength. And the development of these secondary platforms, in addition to using the original system of electricity supplier resources, but also effectively enhance their exposure rate, eliminating the cumbersome brand promotion. This is Ali smart place, find a suitable point, then do the radial flow through the development, delivery platform to improve another product user level, build a complete ecological system, small, eventually unify is an incomparable business empire. From the line of the balance of treasure, rookie network, we have been able to feel Ali has hundreds of times in this regard, the rest is if the more functional breakdown of electronic business platform, realize the vertical upgrading and the shopping process.

The diffraction on the

is clear, and it’s not a bit of an outsider’s point of view. But Ali, in addition to the traditional moves outside, also expect to convert new business lines by flow of electronic business platform, like digital media into online travel search, Ali in the flow on the properties of work is very detailed explanation in the tiger sniffing a friend online, will be more like some of the other business flow rectification areas of consumption, such as a Amoy network announced that from now on will enter the online travel search, search, provide hotel service for the consumer price; in addition to the Alibaba group announced a strategic investment community outbound poor travel network, also announced the upcoming launch of Ali box". These seemingly not part of Ali’s work areas, but gradually being Ali stare. This is a creative nature

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