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recently on the Internet to see a lot of webmaster are complaining about their new station flow is not high, every day there are only a dozen or only a few. I can’t help thinking that I just made the station, and it was only a few traffic every day. Go to 51 every day, and watch a few articles a day. It was pretty depressing at the time. Read some articles written by the veteran later, combined with their own website, now also has a flow.

today I combine the experience of my predecessors to tell me how to improve the traffic of my website quickly. I don’t have enough experience. Let’s have a look and see if I can help myself.

first of all, the new station itself does not have PR, the site rankings are not, and included is not high, so how do we improve the site’s ranking,


now I’ve summed up a few points:

1, write soft text

unconscionable to fry several soft wen. But to the original, because the original will be taught many people reprinted. Online articles were reprinted a lot, many garbage collection functions are used. We use it to make hyperlinks in the article. But do not do join too obvious, otherwise the managers may be deleted, it reproduced many people, you can improve the flow, but also can improve your outreach, keyword optimization of the site is also very helpful, is not


when writing soft text, you can also use temptation,

if you write the soft, good ah, the temptation to get users entranced words, one day Yiliaqian IP

be nothing difficult.

so what temptation? Here I give the song small example to say,

we can go to the hot forum, write a soft, but the key is to write half, you sure this half should be attractive, with recent events can also be used to write what to write our taste, the key is to let people see that half of the soft, see the outcome impulse, then you will be successful and underneath with a distinctive color the song link, tomorrow you will wait Yiliaqian song IP


2, paste it and Baidu know

everyone knows Baidu Post Bar and Baidu know the number of people per day is quite a large number, you can go to the hot Post Bar can also send some articles on hundreds of IP songs. Also, Baidu knows that Baidu knows you can ask yourself questions and then spend some time answering them with another ID. So how do you ask questions?. This is also a knowledge, we ask questions, you can refer to Baidu Fengyun list of the latest keywords to mention, just like a period of time ago, Zhang Yiyi and Li Chongcong on the Internet was copied very hot, we can ask Zhang Yiyi who?.

3, fanchon bookmarks

we can also go to the relatively hot place to do some bookmarks, like what bookmarks, QQ bookmarks, baidu collection, Cape of Good Hope, York’s bookmarks, also can be quickly provided >

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