How to select a good service provider for novice webmaster

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half past six this afternoon, there are partners to reflect to me, I can not open the site, I immediately tried, and indeed can not open, and then try my other two sites, but also can not open. I used the space provider to provide the original three domain name, tried, and can open, I immediately understand, is the domain name business problems. I found the domain name country net data, and got the reply is four words: in processing. Ten minutes later, all of the staff in network data under the line, but the problem has not been resolved, I now write this post when it is half past ten in the evening, I still cannot access the site, three of my site paralyzed.

so far, less than a month in the past, the network data is known as Southern China large network providers, there have been four or five times of DNS could not be resolved, so toss back and forth so I feel very headache, always dropped by Baidu K does not say, the station will continue to visitors, because the site is always open. Who is willing to. In general, novice webmaster are not familiar with the network technology (I am a typical), or if the space domain is a problem, on the one hand to seek help in the webmaster QQ group, on the other hand is to rely on suppliers to help solve some of the problems, but it must be the supplier who can solve, such as DNS could not be resolved the problem.

so, I thought of a problem, novice webmaster how to choose the best supplier price (refer to space and domain name business)? Who knows, the price of your natural good, like M-net, Shenzhou Acer, service and performance are first-class, but the price is very expensive, many people can not afford. Or that there is no need to buy a new station on the line is so expensive, I said here is how to choose the price is not expensive and good service provider.

first, through the introduction of the old webmaster.

in the webmaster QQ group questions, and about their ideas and site situation say, ask you to help suppliers, many old webmaster are willing to help. They will recommend to you they have worked with suppliers, because they do not have any interests with you, so generally will tell the truth, good use is good, bad use is not good. If you want to know more about it, you can talk to them more.

but don’t listen to some vendors salesman, does not deny the many IDC’s clerk can indeed help to us, but they have with US interests, you buy something for him, he has a commission, so it is inevitable that every suspected, all paizhexiongfu said something good, in fact but not necessarily.

second, look at the supplier’s customer service online.

when you log on to a vendor’s website to see their product configuration and price, please look at their customer service online, especially the technical staff online. If the customer service staff on duty for a long time, that they are responsible for their users, the service is good for the first not to say, at least they have a user, when your space or domain name is a problem when you first time.

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