nternet study platform these 4 models enough to sustain you 2016

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with the increasing number of Chinese students, the study abroad agency has become a hot industry. The popularity of traditional study abroad agents has also declined, and the Internet learning platform has been playing a different game.

data show that in 2014 China abroad increased by 11%, in 2015 the number of students may have exceeded 500 thousand armies of Chinese holds the world source country students toubajiaoyi.

at the same time, the popularity of traditional study abroad agents has also declined. Cohabitation, high costs, false advertising and other pain points have been criticized, despite their brand and financial strength is very strong.

came from the community, electricity providers and other modes of playing different Internet study platform. They can hit success? Small first take a look at how they play overseas market.

community model

case: silly Forum (2001), station study (2011)

foolish forum is mainly to solve the information needs of the students to study pain point, whether it is advanced information, experience, time planning, or studying the teacher open class, almost can be found in this forum, it embodies many students when going abroad for memories.

station is one of the first study mainly for the TOEFL test experience and provide a forum, download, test data and TPO tools. Many users in the small station forum to find test friends, pro forma materials, practice spoken english. In recent years, it has begun to enter online education, expanding IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT and other overseas examination product line.

as a study abroad Internet forum, too silly and small station, can be said to be an Internet upgrade of the traditional study abroad service, and won a lot of fans. According to entrepreneurs understand, too silly, with more than 3 million registered members, the number of users studying in the small station is not less than hundreds of thousands. Only community study platform, community activity in recent years, some decline.

Taobao mode

case: Orange Network (2012), (2014)

to study well

orange network is a typical international service business platform, the service process is: the user choose according to their needs in foreign products – online payment – input information – planner team and cooperation mechanism for students to develop study plan, help students prepare for the study in the application materials, submit the application for admission results – – visa foreign matters.

went abroad similar, students can choose online consulting, online consultation meeting experience center. Even students can evaluate each link, if the score is less than 4 points, the central system will intervene to see where the problem is, once the three customer complaints, consultants will be offline.

they study the application of electricity supplier practices, but also in the Internet era, a good innovation for the study industry. On the surface

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