Analysis of the reasons for the decline of Zhangjiajie tourism network in Baidu

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recently, Zhangjiajie’s largest tourism website: Zhangjiajie tourism network is the key word "Zhangjiajie" "Zhangjiajie tourism" and other key words in Baidu rankings have different degrees of decline, and before these popular keywords in Baidu’s ranking in the first keep for a long time, this is what causes, after careful analysis, found the following the reason and put forward, hope and share and exchange.

1, the home page of the revision, we must first plan the overall layout,

this is the main reason, before the introduction of home Zhangjiajie travel clear without losing depth, is a website popular with tourists, the customer experience is indeed done fairly well, before ranking good is ripe. But the website in September 5th conducted a large-scale change, structure, layout and content of web page has become unrecognizable, thus lead to lower rankings, also be not at all surprising, fortunately before the URL website has not changed much, otherwise the drop would be far more serious.

main point: the revision of the homepage of the website is the process that every website must develop, but how to make the success of a website revision is an important point for all the webmaster to think carefully and plan.

2, changes in website links, trapped in commercial interests,

I checked the Zhangjiajie tourism network links, but also some changes, increased some of the PR value is not high, snapshot update slow, home page site is not in the first page of Baidu friendship links. These links, mostly because of business contacts and increased links, such consequences must be caused by their ranking affected.

points: the quality of the site Links to a certain extent can reach 42 pounds effect, if links become healthy and high quality, is an important part of the site to enhance their own weight.

3, the website content construction is copied too much, the quality of the information released is not high,

Zhangjiajie travel news, are some of the basic tourism industry reproduced Baidu has included the news, there are few exclusive release of news and information, to save website ranking, pseudo original at this crucial moment it is best not to increase the whole unified exchange for the original, exclusive news, and adhere to a week long. In the estimation of the website Baidu update after ranking to make timely adjustments.

points: adhere to the original content of the release, is the key to ranking.

4, customer experience change

website before the revision, the contents of the main modules: travel news, tourists quiz, line consulting, after the revision increased Gallery, tour guides, car rental, travel etc… and the module, the increase in content, will lead to the dispersion of tourists attention, influence on the degree of customer experience now will not be evaluated, how to increase contact site between columns and levels, to allow customers to experience the best. "

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