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With the popularization of

intelligent mobile phone, more and more people have a mobile phone or even more intelligent, intelligent mobile phone causes popularity lies in its purchase price decline, the reason is because the decline in the cost of hardware. So with the development of mobile Internet, but also in the past one or two years has produced free resources associated with the mobile phone, such as free calls, free Wifi service and so on, but there are still some people look forward to more intelligent mobile phone can achieve free. Maybe some people will say, not the three operators often have free delivery activities related to the mobile phone? In fact, the premise of free will often give the user some relatively harsh conditions, such as minimum consumption, use time, pay packages bound for other numbers. Therefore, in the mobile Internet era, whether there will be no consumption restrictions on smart phones? For this problem, personally think that in the next few years there will be a greater possibility, the reasons are as follows:

first, some companies may make disruptive innovations free of charge for smartphones. Qihoo 360 in the earlier period of time before also launched a "special machine", its purpose is to the corner in the intelligent mobile phone industry touch, but behind millet, HUAWEI in the field ahead, causing the back stop for a period of time. But from the 360 cool God, let us feel in the intelligent mobile phone has occupied a number of enterprises under the condition that the company is still willing to go to the spoiler, so in this case, if you can not make some innovative subversive of intelligent mobile phone is difficult to win in the competition, so this time if you can make intelligent mobile phone free can advance intelligent mobile phone charges, but also to give other intelligent mobile phone manufacturers a fatal blow.

second, the emergence of various virtual operators. From the past two years, up to now, more and more enterprises, including Suning, Jingdong and other electronic business platform has got issued by the State Ministry of virtual operators license, the service has started a period of time. Free Internet is an important magic weapon to win, just imagine, free internet service who don’t pay attention to, and the communications industry will slowly into the Internet thinking, it is possible to start a free mobile Internet services in these virtual operators. In 2014, the number of virtual operators to provide free services for some of the more awesome, such as free voice calls and free internet service, then the service free of charge at the same time, these virtual operators will likely become free of intelligent mobile phone.

third, competition from smartphone makers has made it possible for mobile phones to be free. Some domestic occupy the higher position in the intelligent mobile phone production enterprises, with the expansion of production scale, this time the smaller market share of the mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly facing greater competitive pressure, if not reduce mobile phone sales price, it will slowly out of the market, especially those in the low-end mobile phone market is that a relatively high-end mobile phone manufacturers gradually occupied, this time, intelligent mobile phone prices gradually decline is becoming more and more.

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