For grassroots Adsense to send gospel talk about how to get a large amount of flow

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grassroots Adsense has become one of the most popular Internet words in recent years, a large number of Internet enthusiasts have begun to build personal websites, trying to get a slice of such a big cake. However, how to get a large number of traffic is heavy, many grassroots webmaster who have a headache problem. Here is the personal experience of some stations, hoping to give more grass-roots webmaster who play a role in attracting jade.

one. Do what you love to do.

, for example, I am a beauty idiot, has not been exposed to beauty, let me do a beauty class website, need a lot of energy, I know what to do.

my friend usually likes to read, he made a novel network, can write some articles, to collect articles also have certain identification ability. I have a friend, and he was not engaged in site related occupation, but he love cars, do all prices, although the site is small, but not a month or thousands of advertising revenue.

so, first of all, you have to be a station you like so you can have enough * * * to do it.

two. Don’t be stingy with your domain name. You know, wine is also afraid of deep alley, not to mention a small website you just started. We can go to some large forums, paste it, know, blog and so on all kinds of channels. To increase the site’s chain. The condition is that the post must be valuable. Can help people really solve the problem, otherwise, water injection is really a thankless task, advised everyone to do less, perhaps also risked being Baidu K out of danger.

probably most of the grassroots webmaster in the early stages of the station have had such experience:

is behind the question search and answer question. Like to attach their own domain name attached, you can imagine, this obviously with the advertising nature of the approach, certainly pass through the audit. Now tell the grassroots webmaster who has experienced this type of experience a little trick: first submit your answer up, and then add the answer, add your domain name address, you can go through the review.

three. Good flow belongs to diligent and persistent stationmaster

someone returned to show that he wanted to see something new (except for individual stations). It was like eating. If everyone ate the same food, I think everyone would be upset. Over time, it will also lose interest in this station. Indeed, as long as most of the visitors to visit when there is a sense of novelty, learned things, I feel the webmaster is absorbed in it. Of course, don’t look for a pile or duplicate content in order to do so.

four. The page style must be able to catch visitors’ eyes,

yes, although the content is good, but visitors do not like it, sometimes because of the style of the site caused. The collocation of color, a variety of edge width and height are the result of careful consideration. This requires designers to have a certain aesthetic.

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