Many rooms how to use the nternet to sell a house

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leads: the room many platform pattern lets the broker and the buyer both sides can see on-line all housing information, expanded broker’s service radius.


three years ago, has ten years of experience of the real estate industry Duan Yi clearly feel the real estate transaction each chain pain points: real estate sales promotion cost is too high, the agent’s income is very low; a large number of houses on the real source of information brokers, false troubled buyers often flooded. Line difficult to solve the problem, can the Internet through the advantages of trading changes? In this context, Duan Yi sprouted an idea: the establishment of a real estate transaction can solve the problem of buying a house, selling the pain point.

in July this year, in the establishment of three years later, the housing more announced the completion of the $80 million B round of financing, has become a dark horse in the real estate industry. In the past three years, from the start to help developers sell houses, a lot of room has attracted developers, brokers, sellers and buyers all aspects of transactions settled, distributed to the 500 thousand line around the signing by brokers and developers will be the cooperation of more than 500 projects, the first half of this year, has achieved a lot of room close to 100 billion of the cumulative turnover of the platform.

in the next, according to Duan Yi introduction, the housing more in 2014 turnover target is to break through 200 billion yuan, which also includes the second half of the second-hand housing business. The new business, officially launched in November this year, has now covered three cities in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Chengdu, which will soon reach ten".

liberating information

looking for developers to take projects, and then to the new premises to direct access to property buyers brokers, the use of second-hand housing flow to broaden the new premises sales channels. A lot of room of this model is not new, as early as in the last century in 90s, this is called "a second-hand linkage" pattern of sales had appeared in Hongkong, then in 2008 affected the real estate market downturn was introduced into Guangdong, after gradually northward.

Duan Yi was recalled, as start-up companies a lot of room to choose this model as a starting point, because the threshold is relatively low, the second-hand housing transactions in accordance with the project "new batch get housing, but also to solve practical problems."

for the participants of the transactions, the advantage of this model is that all parties can create a win-win state with the broker source: developers get new home sales, the broker can house a lot of new houses on a platform, to provide quality services, so as to bring more transactions, while buyers can get real housing information more information and real benefits.

and for the newly established housing, this model can skillfully put developers, brokers and property buyers demand together. "Because a house is not a standard, a set can do it, as long as you want to find it."

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