BBS how to die in the mobile nternet era forums should also move up

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Once a

Internet era, there are countless stationmaster with a dream, from the perspective of regional and professional, from the station to the operation, touch a profitable way, hard left users, drainage, pull advertising to earn a little money, to achieve a lot of grassroots entrepreneurial dream, that is the bright shining dream ah. In the world of Internet tumbling, have to deal with thousands of changes, grassroots webmaster a sigh: webmaster is not easy. It’s not easy, and seems to have the money can wait to receive the day before a blog appeared, a moment later, micro-blog, now the big wave of mobile Internet has struck, but no one wants to keep the computer community dynamic, countless people sigh: BBS is dead.

How does

BBS die


blog, micro-blog, WeChat, BBS is the impact, but each Internet products exist in different forms, each other is not completely replaced. Micro-blog used to be prosperous and is now on the decline. WeChat is too high, but now also faced with the question, any product can not be divorced from the needs of users is given to pick. A product to decline, may be due to the strong impact of new products, but the root cause is itself, and has no longer catch up with the times, that can only go to ruin. Return to the forum, no matter from content or business model, are showing a state of vitality.

After all

operation or the webmaster feeble attitude. Many webmaster in abandon BBS, do not want to take care of the complex forum plate, do not deal with spam posts, BBS content quality greatly decline, sticky users, ignore the user experience. In particular, the impact of the mobile Internet, the lower cost of the Internet, the traditional way to use the computer bubble forum, but also led to more users from the forum drain.


forum has its characteristics still exist, no matter what kind of the forum, there will be sticky allows users to register to become a member of the user, and there are similarities between members of the forum, with a strong ability of a mob, create a community atmosphere to make users form a sense of belonging advantage. Starting from the forum, held on the floor, all kinds of irrigation, map, video and other activities, mobilize the interactive users, then hold offline activities, go. Owners through a variety of ways to stick to the user, let an active forum, visit the forum gradually, evolved into a kind of feelings, people is very emotional animal, said the BBS is dead, users are the forum a sad.

mobile Internet is a shock, but also a way out,

mobile Internet is coming, not to say that this is the impact on the forum, it is better to regard it as a way out. Mobile phone users in China exceeded the 1 billion mark in March 3, 2013. Mobile Internet users in the proportion of the national Internet users continue to rise, accounting for 66.2%. Take the biggest impact on BBS, for example, micro-blog, a considerable number of users to visit and send micro-blog’s behavior occurred in the mobile terminal, as of the end of 2012, mobile phone micro-blog users reached >

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