Six misunderstandings of website construction

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first pays tribute to the volunteers who are struggling to build a website. It is our hard work that brings about the prosperity and development of the internet. Busy, rational reason, in the construction site at present, there exist some misunderstandings of several aspects.

1 was not aware of the risk. I often see some people declare that they have resigned, specially for the website. Website profit is quite long, the public understands to accept website to have a process. Unless you have a certain economic base, or do not quit your job to do special website, that risk is quite large. Even if there is a certain accumulation, investment must also be careful, can not blindly act, must do a good job of market research and analysis in advance.

2 overestimates personal abilities. A person’s time and energy is limited, an individual’s knowledge structure is relatively fixed, a person always had the habit of thinking, these decisions as an individual we can only finish the work, also means that some of our work is impossible. Don’t say anything about hao123, it’s just a very isolated phenomenon. It’s impossible for everyone to have that opportunity and stick to it for so long.

3 overestimates the importance of domain names. Now, what’s the price of some domain names? Incredible. A good domain name is important, but it’s definitely not the most important. NetEase domain name is how good, YAHOO domain name is how good, the key is content, this is the most essential thing.

4 blindly follows suit when choosing a site type. The website is popular, do the website station, the local station is popular, do the local station. Should be in their own familiar areas to think about, to do a related site; to choose Chaoyang industry related sites, then there is a prerequisite for development. For example, motorcycles are being phased out, and you do a web site related to that, and the results can be imagined.

5 does not pay attention to originality. Many friends site is a simple OK source code, change. The content is also to get a collector to fix. If it’s a dumpster, that’s all right. Stereotyped web site, how much development, ability to write on their own, without this level, find someone to help or spend money for others to write.

6 does not pay attention to teamwork. Choose a person to do without considering forming a team. Can find a few like-minded friends, sub division, each person is responsible for their special work, that is not a higher success rate? At least 2 people, one is responsible for the content and maintain a responsible for publicity and promotion.

hopes everyone can look at the website construction with an investor’s eyes. In advance to do the investigation and analysis, choose the direction of the station, make an appropriate plan, the process of reasonable operation, that is not far from success.

wrong place, shoot two bricks, forget it. Welcome to my website

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