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by their own China wrong network experience and Research on other websites, I think a successful website not to see your innovation and flow, recently because of the economic crisis, I want to own the China wrong network sale, that is a lot of people asked me: your website traffic, the number of search engines? I for one to ask this question, almost did not reply directly to ignore, not to sell? Many people say why? Because I do not sell flow but the site itself, I analyze:

The flow rate of

1. when I was operating flow, don’t you know I take what way, you don’t know how can I buy the past, promotion and operation, so how can you guarantee me now the flow of


for this, I suggest that understanding methods is more important than asking for results.

2. flow is not good, there are many websites by buying traffic as well as through some so-called technology make up this station, traffic is large, you buy, if you go to the development in accordance with the conventional model, the flow will keep you

how much?

for this, I suggest: look at the statistics to see the natural flow, mainly by looking at the flow of statistics in the road to come,


3. flow does not necessarily make money, I know a few websites, some IP3 site, a month can only earn one thousand yuan, but my Chinese wrong IP on the network is not very high, the highest exceeded ten thousand, but the average case is about 6000IP, I am now every month the income is 3000 yuan.

for this, I suggest: do not look at the flow to determine whether to make money, depending on the flow and money conversion ratio.

anyway, if you want to buy the site, I suggest you first consider not his website’s traffic and so on, I think you should first think about the following questions, and then decide whether to buy, a right to purchase the site steps I personally think is:

1. identifies the other party’s website theme as you are interested (interest is the best teacher);

2. asks himself a question: "if I buy it, what can it bring me? How can I make the site run better?"

3., the situation of the other website (website, target, operation, train of thought and so on, make up the proportion of flow and profit)

4. determines whether to buy.


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