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Investment in a few days before the

A5 version of the chat activity invited a guest to talk about the domain name for the webmaster, see countless stationmaster enthusiastic questions, I have not pleased but sigh, China owners too much, resulting in an increase in the webmaster is to carve up the Internet industry, is now in the popular and popular domain name investment a webmaster to carve up the object, then the domain name investment you your position analysis? Have their own investment plans? Do we really want to do a


domain name into countless stationmaster investment community, does not bring the domain name to lower prices, but a mess, want to have a hao123 like domain name, want to have a 2 digit domain name, actually this kind of idea is not realistic, we should recognize that now in addition to some phonetic and creative types the domain name has not been excavated out, the rest of the domain are basically be registered first, in the face of this situation we need positioning for their own investment.

positioning your main domain name, we are doing the practical needs of domain name or domain name will be used in the future? The first step to locate this domain is the domain name investors, many domain name investors are think I would do both, so I want to ask a question, you have so much money so we need? Choose one to do, if want to do the practical needs of domain name can now choose the city name, domain name, domain name, tourist attractions name domain name investment, through the comprehensive analysis of the choice of their own to invest domain. If you want to do the domain name the future needs, then you can now select some non mainstream domains, such as mamawoaini, xubuxuyaowo, haishinihao, domain name as the main domain name, but we must remember that when you do a do, don’t chew, you don’t have so much time and energy to do.

selected domain name, we will be the main object of your choice is a comprehensive analysis of the domain name, we are an investor, you should stand in the buyer’s point of view to the problem, analyze the problem, we choose to join is a three line of the city’s domain, then.COM is good or NET I? That if the three line of the city population is more than 1 million, the economic level is not the poor areas, so we can put the two domain names are registered, the registration time is not too long, 2 to 3 years, the longer the registration time is accounted for by the formation of funds, funds flow. If you select the domain name, such as mechanical and electrical company, so we choose Jidian with COM or CN or NET? Here for you to remind the city domain cn is held by the government, we do not even have successfully registered, registration may be revoked, and the company domain name must be CN domain name to grab a hand because, his value is greater than the value of NET, now, love is the truth of the domain name with CN. If it’s the chosen domain name, then we just need to put the COM domain >

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