Novice exchange links and do outside the chain of misunderstanding

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is said that the PR value and block updated, I believe that many novices are desperately doing the connection, I as a rookie who has done for several years rookie, should not send any tutorials. However, looking at many beginners and I went to the wrong area, so here’s my little experience and share with you..

said, "it’s a bit of experience. It’s only a little.". That’s the anchor text that you do the connection. What will you do when you exchange links? Of course, you can explain your website name and the address of the domain name. Other general webmaster see after will do connect following contents: the following references cited content:

also thank A5 for giving you a platform to explore and learn from each other.. My new station Shijiazhuang local gateway, there are friends in Shijiazhuang can come to see… Common development.

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