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for enterprise website optimization, for small and medium-sized enterprises, no doubt injected new blood. So, how to make small and medium-sized enterprises have a good site for their marketing?. According to their own years of experience, talk about some experience, I hope to give you help.

home page: website design and domain name selection.

1. domain containing keywords, domain name to choose easy to remember.

2. web site structure, try to avoid using search engine unfriendly framework, Java language, if not to avoid using, use CSS external, the best use of HTML based static pages.

See the internal connections for each of the pages within the

3. website. Use anchor text to link to related pages organically.

4. website should have website map, although the content of our website of medium and small businesses is relatively little. But we can’t ignore it either, or you can create map tools online: or tiger software.

5. adds robots files. You can effectively control which pages you want to grab by search engines and which pages don’t want to be crawled.

6.404 error page. Plus 404 error pages will make search engines feel that your site is trustworthy and trustworthy.

7. optimizes the picture in the website, the picture of the website controls 50K as far as possible, undertake to picture Alt label description.

The title of each page of the

8. web site is critical, with the key word in the title, and a brief modification of the keyword. That’s what we call long tail keywords. Describe the title of the meta, described by keyword, Description.

secondly, the optimization of the content of the website.

a good website does not require SEO to optimize. So how do we better choose the content of the website content,


1. service experience. If your client can write a short text based on the product or service you offer, or discuss the benefits of your product / service, you’ll be much better off. You can put them on the website as proof of success.

2. opens an expert question and answer column on the front page. Ask an expert to answer questions, and then post a question, answer, or half an interview every week on the home page, and then make a searchable archive of past questions and answers in the station.

3. product evaluation. If your industry has products or software that needs to be evaluated, consider writing fair reviews. Publish the article to your website. Readers will always be interested in the integrity of the evaluation, because the author is not biased to list the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

4. frequently asked questions. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) >

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