My view on the current situation of personal websites

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          distinctive personal thousands on thousands of websites on the Internet China constitute a beautiful scenery line, according to the statistics of relevant departments now has more than 100000000 Chinese with personal homepage. Such a large number, quality how? Below I talk about my personal opinion.

one, beautiful girls everywhere,

is the phrase "a quiet and modest maiden, a gentleman’s good mate" since ancient times, the Internet site and access not only to crush a large quantity, it is weak for a long time, some owners began shuttling back and forth between the "pretty girl" and "pornographic", a link from the beautiful eyebrow beauty enter the "unsuitable for children", although the relevant departments of the three to five acoustic forbidden sites, but in energy is limited, unlimited network, "unsuitable for children" sites or in the crevice to add strength.

two, we’re all game kings,

single game, wind network game, everything, diffuse in the corner of the network. Your new game promotion, I do pass through the secret exchange; you have the game channel, I have the game hall; you do the journey, I will do the three – Wei Wei grand, raise a Babel of criticism of, is to enter the network began the game of life".

three, bringing ism prevailed for a while,

Chairman Mao teaches us that we must dare to be another good things take over, and now many webmaster is good or bad, to take over again, to advance into the online world communism: you have I have you.

four, huge amount obviously superior for

I can’t say, reality indeed many personal site is pure but there are many columns of incompetent person, the actual value of the rare thing. Some people might not like to hear that, but when we find a series of related websites through search engines, we open them one by one. Is there a sense of being cheated when we get nothing?


over the right to talk nonsense, I hope it will not affect the enthusiasm of the vast number of Internet users, this is the driving force behind the development of the internet. We still have a large number of original works around us, full of wisdom and creativity, the crystallization of dreams and inspiration, which is the mainstay of personal websites.

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